What Kinds of People Infallibly Come to Faith in Jesus?

What Kinds of People Infallibly Come to Faith in Jesus?

In this profound declaration, our Lord Jesus Christ unveils the sublime mystery of divine election and the invincible efficacy of God's grace in the salvation of sinners. "All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out." Herein, we are invited to contemplate the eternal counsel of God, by which He has chosen a people for Himself and entrusted them to the care of His beloved Son.

Firstly, we must observe the origin of our coming to Christ. It is not of ourselves, nor of our own volition, that we approach the Savior, but rather it is the Father who gives us to the Son. This giving is an act of sovereign grace, predetermined before the foundation of the world. The elect are singled out by God's immutable decree, and their coming to Christ is the inevitable result of this divine donation. This humbles us, stripping away any pretense of self-righteousness or merit, and directing all glory to the gracious Giver.

Moreover, the certainty of our coming is underscored. The phrase "will come to me" denotes an irresistible grace that effectively draws the elect to Christ. This grace is not a mere invitation that can be rejected or accepted at the whim of human will, but a powerful working of the Holy Spirit, overcoming all resistance and bringing the chosen ones to the feet of the Redeemer. Thus, the efficacy of grace is secured, for those whom the Father gives to the Son will infallibly come to Him.

The latter part of the verse provides a comforting assurance to the believers: "and whoever comes to me I will never cast out." Here, our Lord dispels any fears of rejection. Despite our sins and unworthiness, Christ pledges to receive all who come to Him. This is a promise of eternal security, grounded not in our faithfulness, but in His unchanging love and commitment. The assurance that Christ will never cast us out encourages us to approach Him with boldness and confidence, knowing that our acceptance with God is forever secured in Him.

This verse also connects seamlessly with verse 44, where Jesus further elaborates, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day." Here, we see a divine synergy: the Father's drawing and the Son's receiving and keeping. The Father's drawing is effectual, ensuring that all whom He draws will indeed come to Christ. This divine drawing is not a coercion, but a sweet and compelling influence, enlightening the mind and renewing the will, so that the elect freely and willingly come to the Savior.

The promise of being raised up on the last day in verse 44 echoes the assurance of never being cast out in verse 37. Both verses together encapsulate the entirety of the believer's salvation journey: chosen by the Father, drawn by His grace, received and kept by the Son, and finally raised to eternal glory. This unbroken chain of salvation magnifies the sovereign grace of God and provides an unshakable foundation for the believer's hope and assurance.

Thus, in these verses, we are invited to rest in the sovereign grace of God, rejoicing in the certainty of our salvation, secured by the Father's choice, the Son's reception, and the Spirit's drawing. To God alone be the glory for such a magnificent and gracious salvation.