The Travels of True Godliness (eBook)

by Benjamin Keach

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From the beginning of the world to this present day; in an apt and pleasant allegory. shewing the troubles oppositions, reproaches and persecutions he hath met with in every age. Together with the danger he seems to be in at this present time by vice, papistry, and other grand enemies. Also where he makes his last and final abode. •  Further revision and editing done by Monergism. Copyright Monergism via universal text usage permission from the above. 

In this Tract is showed the many Snares and Temptation that attend both Riches and Poverty, Youth and Old-Age; together with the chief Reason why most Men of all Ranks and Qualities, are such great strangers to True Godliness. The Legalist, and Formal Hypocrite may also here see the danger they are in. Moreover True Godliness is opened in his own primitive Internal, and External Beauty and Glory; being vindicated from all those foul Calumnies and Reproaches cast upon him in this and former Ages: With his sad Lamentation, in respect of the prevailing power of Vice Ungodliness, and that great danger he seems now to be in by Papistry and other Enemies. Also the usefulness and necessity of Consideration; and the Creatures utmost care and diligence in order to their Conversion, is clearly evinced; with the chief means, nature and excellency thereof. Together with the cause and dismal Consequences of Apostasy, &c.

If thou art a Saint, read with delight; but if thou art an Enemy to True Godliness, read and tremble: For the happy estate of the one, and the miserable condition of the other, is here set out before your eyes. In this Treatise, you may see the little cause the one has to mourn in the worst of Times, and the other to rejoice what times soever they live in. I hope none will be offended, because True Godliness is here presented in an Allegory, since the Holy Scriptures abound with them, and so fully justify our practice herein: However, 'tis now exposed to public view, and since it hath its Birth in such a juncture as this, I expect it will meet with different entertainment; but whatsoever censures it passeth under, yet if but one soul reaps real benefit by it, it will requite me for my pains: I can say it hath been sweet to me in writing, God grant it may prove so to thee in reading, and I shall say no more, but shall leave it to the Blessing of Jehovah, in whom I still remain through infinite Grace.

Thy Souls Friend and Servant, B. Keach.


Table of Contents


CHAP. I. - Showing what true Godliness is, as also his Pedigree, Original, and Antiquity

CHAP. II. - Showing who the chief Enemies of Godliness are

CHAP. III. - Showing how Godliness having received a Commission to Travel, and visit the Children of Men, comes to a certain Town on the Confines of Babylon, where one Riches dwelt, and of his usage and evil intreatment there

CHAP. IV. - Showing how Godliness, in his Travels, came to a poor Cottage, where dwelt one called Poverty, with whom he earnestly desired to make his Abode; and how he was shamefully denied Entertainment there also.

CHAP. V. - Showing how True Godliness finding Riches and Poverty had rejected him, in his Travels came to a great City, where dwelt a brave Young Gallant, with whom he had a mind to be Acquainted, and to take up his Lodging; showing also how basely he was dealt withal by him.

CHAP. VI. - Showing how Godliness came to knock at the Door of one Old-Age; as also the cause and Reasons why he refused to entertain him.

CHAP. VII. - Showing how True Godliness, in his Travels, chanced to fall into a certain Island, where he met with a great number of cruel Enemies, who conspired together to take away his Life, and the Life of his Servants; but their Grand Plot failing, they contrived many Sham-plots, to cast the whole Intreague upon his own Friends and Servants; together with True Godliness's sad and grievous Lamentation.

CHAP. VIII. - Showing how True Godliness, after this Travelled towards the City Jerusalem, near to which was a small Village, called Religion, in which dwelt one Mr. Legalist, at whose Door he knocked; showing the Cause also why he did not entertain him.

CHAP. IX. - Showing how Godliness came to one Mr. Formalist's Door, who bid him very welcome; but he suspecting his Integrity, and that he harbored divers grand Enemies of his, particularly one Hypocrisy; refused to go in: also How Hypocrisy came to be discovered; wherein you have his Character, or a clear and compendious Description of him; showing likewise, how Mr. Formalist at last refused to entertain True Godliness.

CHAP. X. - Showing how Godliness travelling further into the Town (called Religion) saw abundance of People, who had been great Professors, getting away out of the Town as fast as they could. Showing also what Discourse he had with one of them; wherein the Nature and Danger of Apostasy is plainly opened.

CHAP. XI. - Showing how Godliness coming to one Thoughtful's House, found there his Friend Consideration, whom he had a long time sought for, also the great opposition Consideration met withal.

CHAP. XII. - Showing how poor Thoughtful, though he had embraced Consideration, and was resolved to receive Godliness into his House, was hindered by one Old-Man, Willful-Will, Carnal Affections and Apollyon; also showing how he met with his good Friend Laborious, who did what he could to help him, but had not prevailed, had it not been for another who came in to his Assistance.

CHAP. XIII. - Showing how Thoughtful meeting with his dear Friend Contentment, finding now nothing wanting in order to the making his Life sweet and comfortable here, and eternally happy hereafter, fell a singing Hallelujahs, Hymns of Praise and Thanksgiving to God and the Lamb.

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