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Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. - HEB. 11. 25.

In "Moses’ His Choice," Jeremiah Burroughs delves into the profound decision-making process of Moses, the revered biblical figure. Having explored Moses' self-denial and the circumstances that led him to refuse worldly glory, Burroughs now examines the pivotal moment when Moses made his remarkable choice.

Despite the allure of power, prestige, and favor within the Egyptian court, Moses willingly chose to identify himself with the suffering and afflicted people of God. Aware that this choice would entail sharing in their afflictions, Moses recognized that honoring God in a state of affliction held greater value than indulging in worldly glory.

Within the pages of this thought-provoking book, Burroughs exposes the internal dialogues that Moses might have encountered. Moses could have reasoned that by retaining his position and influence in the court, he could have been an instrumental advocate for God's people. He could have played a crucial role in leveraging his favor with Pharaoh and the nobles to alleviate the plight of his fellow Israelites. The importance of having a sympathetic ally in the court to champion their cause could not be understated.

Moreover, Moses might have contemplated the remarkable sequence of providential events that led him to his current position of honor. From his miraculous rescue as an infant to his upbringing in Pharaoh's household, Moses witnessed God's hand guiding every step of his journey. His elevated education in Egyptian wisdom, the favor bestowed upon him by Pharaoh, and the respect he garnered from the nobles and the court—these were all indications that God had a significant purpose for him within the confines of the Egyptian power structure.

However, Moses' decision to join the afflicted people of God prevailed over these compelling reasons. Burroughs illuminates the internal struggle within Moses, emphasizing his trust in God's intentions. Moses recognized that jeopardizing his standing in the court by provoking Pharaoh's wrath would indeed be a loss for him personally. But the potential loss for the people of God would be even greater, as their hopes for relief and deliverance would diminish. Moses understood that alienating Pharaoh could lead to increased oppression and hardship for his fellow Israelites.

In "Moses’ His Choice," readers are invited to explore the weighty considerations faced by Moses and the profound implications of his ultimate decision. Burroughs uncovers the timeless principles that emerge from Moses' story, inspiring readers to reflect on their own choices and priorities in the pursuit of a life that honors God.

Join Jeremiah Burroughs as he navigates the complexities of decision-making, inviting readers to ponder the significance of self-denial, divine providence, and the enduring pursuit of God's purpose. "Moses’ His Choice" serves as a compelling guide, challenging readers to embrace the path less traveled and discover the profound blessings that await those who choose to walk in obedience to God's calling.


Table of Contents

To the Right Honorable, Robert Earl of Warwick

CHAP. I. God will sometimes be honored, rather with the sufferings of men in high Places, then with their services.

CHAPTER II. The opening of the words, with the several doctrines in this Text.

CHAPTER III. God's people, though dear to God, yet usually have been in an afflicted estate.

CHAPTER IV. What use we should make of God's sparing us from the woeful afflictions which have befallen, and do befall others.

CHAPTER V. The Reasons of the afflicted estate of God's people, from the malice of the Devil and wicked men.

CHAPTER VI. Many Reasons why God orders things in his providence so, as his beloved should be under sore afflictions in this world.

CHAPTER VII. What use we should make of God's ordering his people to an afflicted condition.

CHAPTER VIII. Eleven Rules for preparation to suffer afflictions.

CHAPTER IX. Duties required of us when God calls us to an afflicted condition.

CHAPTER X. Wicked men have pleasures in ways of sin, while God's people endure much hardship in ways of holiness.

CHAPTER XI: Afflicted godliness, is better than delightful wickedness.

CHAPTER XII. Who are the truly wise men; with the encouragement to the Saints in the happy choice they have made.

CHAPTER XIII. The evil of an ill choice, discovered.

CHAPTER XIV. The drawing men's hearts to a happy choice.

CHAPTER XV. The true pleasantness of all the ways of godliness.

CHAPTER XVI. A spiritual eye can see an excellency in God's people, though under great affliction.

CHAPTER XVII. What we are to learn from that high esteem a gracious heart hath of the Saints in their sorest afflictions.

CHAPTER XVIII. A gracious heart will appear for the people of God, whatsoever sufferings may follow upon it.

CHAPTER XIX. Enjoyment of communion with God's people, is worth the enduring much affliction.

CHAPTER XX: Persuasions to draw to the joining with the people of God in the nearest communion.

CHAPTER XXI. Objections against joining with God's people, answered.

CHAPTER XXII. Instructions to those who are joined in communion with God's people.

CHAPTER XXIII: How should God's people so walk, as to draw others in love with their communion.

CHAPTER XXIV. We should satisfy ourselves in communion with the Saints, and improve it to the utmost advantage we can.

CHAPTER XXV. Whatsoever is but for a season, cannot satisfy a gracious heart.

CHAPTER XXVI. Persuasions to take off the heart from temporal things.

CHAPTER XXVII. Exhortation to seek after eternal things.

CHAPTER XXVIII. How we should know how it will be with us for eternity, and what we should do that it may be well with us eternally.

CHAPTER XXIX. The Review of Moses Choice.

CHAPTER XXX. The condition of God's people is a reproached condition.

CHAPTER XXXI. What use there is to be made of the reproaches the condition of God's people is liable to.

CHAPTER XXXII. How we are to bear Reproaches.

CHAPTER XXXIII. What we should do, that we may be able to bear reproach.

CHAPTER XXXIV. The reproaches of God's people are the reproaches of Christ.

CHAPTER XXXV. Sixteen several Consolations arising to the Saints from this consideration, That their sufferings are Christ's sufferings.

CHAPTER XXXVI. The dreadful evil there is in reproaching the Saints.

CHAPTER XXXVII. Seeing Christ makes our sufferings his, we should make his sufferings ours.

CHAPTER XXXVIII. A gracious heart hath a high esteem of reproaches in the cause of Christ.

CHAPTER XXXIX. There is glorious reward for the people of God.

CHAPTER XL. How far we may aim at the recompense of reward in what we do.

CHAPTER XLI. What is this recompense of reward.

CHAPTER XLII. The differences between that good we receive here from God, and that we shall have hereafter.

CHAPTER XLIII. The perfection of the bodies and souls of the Saints in glory.

CHAPTER XLIV. The glory that shall be put upon the Saints at the Great Day.

CHAPTER XLV. The Saints enjoyment of God to be their portion, their happiness in having his presence.

CHAPTER XLVI. The happiness of the beatifical vision discovered.

CHAPTER XLVII. The blessedness of Union with God.

CHAPTER XLVIII. The blessedness of communion with God.

CHAPTER XLIX. The happiness of the Saints in their fruition of God, and their perfect rest in him.

CHAPTER L. The Saints happiness in Communion with Christ.

CHAPTER LI. The happiness of enjoying communion with the Saints in glory.

CHAPTER LII. The happiness of God's people in the Perpetual Sabbath that they shall enjoy.

CHAPTER LIII. Wherein the power and efficacy of eying the recompense of reward consists.

CHAPTER LIV. God's people to be highly honored.

CHAPTER LV: To whom the Recompence of reward appertains.

CHAPTER LVI. Christians should live and die as becomes heirs of such a glorious estate.

CHAPTER LVII. The great things of eternity to be much sought after.

CHAPTER LVIII. How the Recompence of Reward may be attained.

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