2023 Crowdfunder

We’re a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry/website that Christians depend on worldwide for Christ-honoring content.  If a mere 10% of our visitors gave $25 or $30 (or more) we could continue developing and maintaining the site in 2023. For the price of a book, we can continue to create and widely share that new book (and others) online forever. The key is to keep developing/improving — and to keep the content free. We have a small staff but run the largest and one of the most visited Reformed websites in the world. Although the site is free, we still need to pay for servers, software and staff. If you frequently use the site, please help chip in.

How to Donate

To donate to Monergism use this donation box

or mail a check to:

CPRF | Christian Publication Resource Foundation.,
P.O. Box 491
West Linn, OR 97068

Thank you

John Hendryx
Executive Director
CPRF | Christian Publication Resource Foundation


In order to meet's 2023 budget we are looking to our visitors/supporters to give $195,000. Would you consider being one of them?

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The Need

By God's grace, over the past twenty years has helped provide free God-honoring, soul-humbling resources for hundreds of thousands of visitors per month to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your participation in that effort. Monergism is entirely made possible because of contributions from people like you. When lots of people come together with small contributions, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

We know many of you are looking for ways to wisely utilize the resources God has put in your hands.

We now have over 80,000 free Christ-exalting resources on our website. Through your prayers and God's mercy, we remain committed to openly declaring the pure and simple gospel of Jesus Christ, to staying faithful to scripture and to gathering the finest resources for training men and women in apologetics, sound theology and the Bible. Would you consider supporting Monergism (CPRF) in 2023?

We're hoping to raise money for four main area of Monergism:

1 Salary for employees including the General Editor, a Content Developer/Editor, and a Website Technician / Production Assistant. Detailed job descriptions here.
2. Web-Hosting, Security, Equipment, software, WI-FI, domains and other items related to website maintenance.
3. Outsourcing for Web-developers and technical support.
4) Resources to publish new Puritan and Reformed eBooks weekly.


Monergism has become a cornucopia of vital theological resources which help equip churches, theological students and laypersons, providing a vast and growing store of well-cataloged, easy-to-find resources on the historic Christian faith. The Monergism Web platform aggregates and supplies tens of thousands of free biblical-theological educational resources that persons might otherwise not have the time or money to acquire.  The continual addition of free eBooks, multimedia resources and essays benefited hundreds of thousands of visitors this last year and, with God's favor, we hope to continue maintaining, developing and disseminating Christ-honoring throughout 2023 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it that a major website like can be run for so little money?

Developing a high quality website that runs smoothly and works reliably takes a substantial amount of time from highly skilled workers, which in turn requires money for salaries, equipment and software. However, compared to many ministries we operate with the minimum number of employees possible and forgo office space. In this way we are the best stewards we can with the funds raised.  Last year a large chunk of our funding went toward the technical development of the site. This year we would like to focus on more time for employees to do content development

What happens if you don't raise it all in time?

Lord-willing, Monergism shall continue to function one way or the other, and if the crowd-funding approach is ultimately unsuccessful then we will trust God to provide another way to bring in the funding. We trust that as long as we are doing God's will in God's way that He will provide what is needed. But we will yield to His will whatever He chooses to do.   Any money at all raised through this campaign will go to help with the 2023 budget, even if it's not the full amount. In the past few years the Lord has blessed us as we have also received some generous grants which have proven crucial in meeting our budget..

Will you be giving some kind of reward to supporters?

If God continues to be favorable we hope to keep bringing you the reward of receiving free eBooks, MP3s and essays on a weekly basis, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in standing along side us in equipping the saints worldwide to advance the Kingdom of God.

How does crowdfunding work? And why Crowdfunding?
It is the funding of a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. By focusing on a bigger purpose such as developing the resources at we become part of a unique community of like minded individuals making a large project happen. The campaign is set for a goal amount of money and a fixed number of days. Once the project is launched, each day will be counted down and the money raised will be tallied up for visitors to follow its success. is a good fit for crowdfunding because it has hundreds of thousands of visitors a month and if a mere 5% of our visitors gave a small monthly donation we would easily reach our goal.

We thank the Lord for you and for your twenty years of support.

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