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"I honestly do not understand how anyone can say "I believe the Bible is the Word of God" without being passionate about that confession. I love the Trinity, justification by faith, the Resurrection, and sola scriptura. I do not pretend to be dispassionate about these things, and, as such, I stand firmly on this assertion: Christian scholarship that lacks passion about the truth is not worthy of the name Christian to begin with. If dispassion and detachment are necessary attributes of scholarship, then I do not seek the appellation. I cannot comprehend dry faith, arid confession, or mere mental assent."
- James White, from Scripture Alone, p.10

THEOLOGY: Confessional Reformed Baptist, Covenantal, 5-point Calvinist, credo-baptist, amillenialist, presuppositional apologetics

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Dr. James R. White (born 1962) is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix , Arizona . He is a professor, having taught Greek, Systematic Theology, and various topics in the field of apologetics. He is also a critical consultant for the Lockman Foundation's New American Standard Bible. He has authored or contributed to more than twenty books, including The King James Only Controversy, The Forgotten Trinity, The Potter's Freedom, and The God Who Justifies.

Dr. White is an accomplished debater, having engaged in more than one-hundred moderated, public debates with leading proponents of Roman Catholicism, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism (listed below). He also runs a blog and a bi-weekly webcast called “The Dividing Line”. He is an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, has been married to Kelli for thirty-five years, and has two children, Joshua and Summer.

Select Bibliography

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Select Resources

The Potter's Freedom (9-Part MP3 Lecture Series)

The Supremacy of Scripture: Yesterday, Today and Forever (MP3 Series)

Church History (MP3 Lecture Series)

Sola Gratia - Grace Alone

Primary Sources on The Two Wills of God: Grudem, Carson, Bavinck, Edwards, aBrakel, Turretin, Calvin, Luther

Romans 9 – An Exegesis to Share (MP3)

Has the Potter No Right Over the Clay?

Standalone MP3 Sermons and Lectures


Select YouTube Lectures

Unpopular- The Movie (YouTube)
James White, Paul Washer and Emilio Ramos present the gospel in easy to understand video

What is Calvinism? (20-Part YouTube Series)

Mithra? Attis? Really, Rob Bell? (YouTube)

The Father's Giving Determines the Peoples' Coming - John 6:37 (YouTube)
Dr. James White reviews comments by Cheryl Schatz regarding John 6:37, and her particular way of undercutting John 6s clear testimony to monergism. The section begins around the 42 minute mark and continues to 1:18:50.

The Battle for Grace (YouTube)
An overview of the historic and present day attacks against the doctrine of sola fide (justification by faith alone). Lasting approx. 72 minutes, this presentation is excellent for both its clarity and insight concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Social Justice & The Gospel Conference: All Sessions (Video Series)

"What Does 'Total Depravity' Mean?" (YouTube)

Living Out Sola Fide (YouTube)

8 Minutes in John 6 (YouTube)

John 6 For Roman Catholics (YouTube)

Irresistible Grace (YouTube)

Unconditional Election: What Does it Mean? (YouTube)

Synergism and the Perfection of Salvation (YouTube)

Debate: Is The NT Evil? (White vs Silverman)

What Practical Difference Does Reformed Theology Make Today? (YouTube)

How Christians should view Muslims (YouTube)

The Holiness of God (YouTube)

How We Got the Bible (YouTube)
This youtube video features Dr. James White hosting an episode of Apologia Radio/TV. Here he teaches on how we got the Bible and the translation of the text of Scripture. It is a very worthwhile and useful study from one of the leading Christian apologists of our time.

Sola Scriptura – Five Part Series (YouTube)

The Deity of Christ in the New Testament: the Evidence Reviewed

The Counter Reformation: "Free" Will

The God Centered Gospel vs. a Man Centered Gospel

Hyper Calvinism (YouTube)

The Providence of God (Video)

God's Judgment Upon Nations
What about those difficult texts where God commands the literal extermination of an entire tribe, or city, or even nation? Dr. James White answers in this youtube video of a sermon preached on April 26, 2009.

The Popes, Rachel Held Evans, Desiring God, Nabeel Qureshi


Select Formal Debates (Video)

Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation? A Debate With Trent Horn & Dr. James White
(Part 1)
- (Part 2)

James White vs Steve Tassi Calvinism Debate

Calvinism Debate Video: Romans 9, James White vs. Leighton Flowers

Michael Brown - James White Debate Predestination, Election, and the Will of God

Does the Bible teach Sola Scriptura? James White vs Patrick Madrid

Closing Statement George Bryson debate (Video)

The Romans Nine Debate

Dr. James White Dialogue With Yasir Qadhi - Similarities and Differences
Here is the recent dialogue Dr. James White had with Yasir Qadhi, an Islamic Scholar and a teacher of the Qur'an on the Similarities and the differences of the two faith.
37 more videos where James White discusses Islam

Can Men Become Gods? James White vs Martin Tanner
The issue of the nature of God is the dividing line that separates Mormonism from Biblical Christianity. Mormon apologists over the past few decades have begun appealing to the early church fathers and the doctrine of "theosis," asserting that if we acknowledge the Christian standing of these early Christians, then we should not question the claim that Mormons are Christians as well. But is this a fair use of the early Fathers? James White debates LDS apologist and FARMS contributor Martin Tanner at the University of Utah on this key subject. (1 Hour 56 Minutes).

Debate: Are Roman Catholics Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ?
James White & Douglas Wilson
31 Additional Videos on Roman Catholicism

Homosexuality and Christianity (9 YouTube Videos)

More Formal Debates by date (YouTube & MP3) ....



Ephesians 1; Romans 9; John 6

The Reformation Isn’t Over

Vessels Prepared for Destruction

Was Anyone Saved at the Cross?

Response to Matthew Vines 40 Questions

The Divine Sovereignty/Human Responsibility Debate
James R. White and George Bryson

The Believer's Security

The Sovereign God, the Grace of Christ, and Sinful Man

Dave Hunt vs. Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The Bankruptcy of Islamic Apologetics

Sola Scriptura in Dialogue

Does The Bible Teach Sola Scriptura?

Blinded By Tradition

Purpose and Meaning of "Ego Eimi" in the Gospel of John In Reference to the Deity of Christ

Hebrews and the Atonement of Christ

Molinism in a Nutshell: God Makes Do the Best He Can

Understanding Hebrews 6

God-Breathed; Breathed Out By God; theopneustos

The Racialist Lens Disrupts True Christian Unity: A Response to Thabiti Anyabwile


Christian Research Journal (essays):

Is Your Modern Translation Corrupt? Answering the Allegations of KJV Only Advocates (1996 Winter)
Of Cities and Swords: The Impossible Task of Mormon Apologetics (1996 Summer)
What Really Happened at Nicea? (1997 July-August)
How Wide the Divide? A Mormon and an Evangelical in Conversation (1997)
Effectively Sharing the Deity of Christ with Jehovah’s Witnesses (1997)
Getting over the Hurdles of the New World Translation
The Jesus Seminar and the Gospel of Thomas: Courting the Media at the Cost of Truth DO James and Paul Contradict Concerning Grace?
Summary Critique: Jehovah’s Witnesses Defended (21,2)
Loving the Trinity (21,4)
Beyond the Veil of Eternity: The Importance of Philippians 2:5-11 in Theology and Apologetics (22,3)
The Divine Sovereignty-Human Responsibility Debate (with George Bryson) (23,4)
The Divine Sovereignty-Human Responsibility Debate (Part Two) (24,1)
Dangerous Airwaves: Harold Camping’s Call to Flee the Church (25,1)
Examining Muslim Apologetics (Part One): The Bible Versus the Qur’an (25,3)
Examining Muslim Apologetics (Part Two): Unusual Attacks on the Trinity (25,4)
Muhammad: Prophet of God
PDAs and Apologetics (26,3)
Does Inerrancy Matter Any Longer?
Bible Versions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Part 1 and Part 2) (28,3,4)
Joseph Smith's First Vision Tested
Can a Loving God Hate Someone?
Three Levels of Heaven?




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Alpha and Omega Ministries - Christian Apologetics and Theology. Features James White's Blog, "Pros Apologian: Thoughts from the Apologetic Front." Also features his webcast, The Dividing Line.
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