The Excellency of Holy Courage in Evil Times (eBook)

by Jeremiah Burroughs

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"The Excellency of Holy Courage in Evil Times" by Jeremiah Burroughs is an exploration of Christian faith and courage in the face of adversity and spiritual conflict. Burroughs, a renowned Puritan preacher, delves into the nature of true Christian courage, particularly in times when the Church faces significant challenges and threats.

The book focuses on the bondage that men find themselves under, especially under the influence of Antichrist, as described in the book of Revelation. Burroughs discusses the outward impact of this bondage on people's lives and estates, and more significantly, the soul bondage that affects one's spiritual life. He highlights how Antichrist imposes a degrading and oppressive control over individuals, claiming the authority to dictate articles of faith and decreeing punishments, including eternal damnation, for those who do not conform.

Throughout the text, Burroughs passionately argues for the necessity of faith in overcoming such bondage. He outlines the various ways in which faith can deliver believers from the clutches of Antichrist, emphasizing the importance of understanding Christ's government, acknowledging the comprehensive fulfillment of Christ's roles as Priest, Prophet, and King, and the crucial role of the Word of God as a guide in life.

Burroughs' discourse extends to the implications of being under Antichrist's rule, comparing it unfavorably with the bondage of Egypt, as it encompasses not just physical but also spiritual enslavement. He strongly advocates for a return to Christ's teachings and the embracing of Christian liberty, free from the tyrannical rule of Antichrist.

"The Excellency of Holy Courage in Evil Times" is a call to action for believers to stand firm in their faith, embrace the liberty found in Christ, and resist the spiritual bondage imposed by forces opposed to the true Christian doctrine. Burroughs' work remains a relevant and powerful resource for Christians seeking to navigate their faith in challenging times.

In addition to many other relevant truths, the following is demonstrated:

  1. That wicked individuals in positions of power are extremely fierce when angry.
  2. That having faith will prevent a noble heart from experiencing excessive fear of people in authority and power.
  3. Guidelines for handling fear of authority.
  4. Guidelines on how to conduct ourselves if those in authority command us to do unlawful things.
  5. How faith assists in overcoming the fear of mankind, explained in fifteen specific aspects.
  6. Arguments against fearing people, including the notion that wicked individuals are less fearsome than others.
  7. Differences between natural boldness and holy courage derived from faith.
  8. How much we may justifiably avoid danger by fleeing, along with various moral considerations related to fleeing.
  9. Responses to objections regarding fleeing.
  10. How to divert one's heart from the fear of people.
  11. The power of faith to guide God's people through the most challenging tasks and duties.
  12. How to determine whether faith will enable us to accomplish difficult tasks.
  13. Aids in cultivating faith in our endeavors.
  14. How faith sustains the soul during the arduous journey of forsaking Egypt.
  15. A comparison of the wickedness of Sodom and Egypt with the wickedness of Antichrist.


Table of Contents

Chapter. 1. The words Opened; Six Doctrines raised.

Chapter. 2. Handling the first Doctrine.

Chapter. 3. Handling the second Doctrine; which is.

Chapter. 4. Directions for the ordering ourselves in our fear of Authority.

Chapter. 5. Some further Directions, how we should order ourselves, if we should be enjoined unlawful things.

Chapter. 6. The Point prosecuted more strictly.

Chapter. 7. How Faith helpeth against the fear of man; Opened in fifteen particulars.

Chapter. 8. Arguments against the fear of man,

Chapter. 9. How Audaciousness and boldness of spirit differ from Faith. 

Chapter. 10. How far we may lawfully avoid danger without fear of men.

Chapter. 11. Contains a further Resolution of the former Case in nine particulars. 

Chapter. 12. Answering some objections made against fleeing

Chapter. 13. How the Heart may be taken off from the fear of man. 

Chapter. 14. Much difference between God's people's spirits at several times, Illustrated by examples. 

Chapter. 15. Entreat God not to take the advantage of us when our hearts are low.

Chapter. 16. To teach us not to be discouraged at this different temper of our Spirits, but to be humbled for it. 

Chapter. 17. If courageous, and fit for service, give God the praise. 

Chapter. 18. To be restless till we get ourselves into a good frame.

Chapter. 19. To see the misery of being always unfit for service. To teach us to long for Heaven.

Chapter. 20. Showing the power of Faith to carry through the most difficult work.

Chapter. 21. Let none think God an hard Master, when he puts them upon service, because he affords them a principle to carry them through. 

Chapter. 22. Quest. How to know whether Faith will carry us through difficult works

Chapter. 23. The reason why we fail in anything we do

Chapter. 24. Helps to put on Faith in any undertaking. 

Chapter. 25. Allegorical interpretation of Moses forsaking Egypt by Faith.

Chapter. 26. How Faith carries the Soul through the Difficult work of forsaking Egypt.

Chapter. 27. Concerning Antichrist. The wickedness of Sodom and Egypt, compared with the wickedness of Antichrist.

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