More on Mixed Fabrics and the Gospel

More on Mixed Fabrics and the Gospel


Have you read the bible? Even wearing mixed fabrics is a sin in your little book. If hell was real, everyone would be going there. That's not love.


Well, everyone does indeed deserve to go to hell, including, most especially, myself. That's precisely what I merit. So, in a way, you're articulating a fundamental truth, perhaps inadvertently. What you intended as a critique actually strikes at the core of the Gospel – it underscores our profound need for mercy. Approaching God relying solely on our own merits is akin to moving towards the sun and expecting not to be consumed by its heat. None of us can find hope within ourselves. The law, indeed, reveals us all as transgressors. Yet, in an act of incomprehensible love, God, incarnate in Jesus Christ, endured the wrath that I, and what all sinners, rightly deserve. He accomplished for me, his erstwhile adversary, what was beyond my capacity to achieve. Now, that is the true definition of love. Embrace Christ today, and you will live.

I sense you might simply be provoking a reaction without genuine curiosity about the teachings concerning mixed fabrics in the context of Christian faith. However, in case God is stirring something in your heart and you're earnestly seeking to understand the relevance of mixed fabrics for Gentile believers, I invite you to explore further here: