Jesus explicitly teaches that regeneration precedes faith:

Jesus explicitly teaches that regeneration precedes faith:

"The Spirit quickens [regenerates], the flesh counts for nothing...that is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me grants it." John 6:63, 65

In the same context Jesus declares, "All the Father gives me will come to me..." - John 6:37

"All", not some. All the Father gives the Son will come to Him. And the "giving" of the Father to the Son precedes their coming to faith in Him.

The words "grant" (v 65) and "give" (v 37) are the same Greek word.

Taken together Jesus is declaring a syllogism:

NO ONE can come to faith in me unless God grants it, and ALL whom he grants will come ... and that by the quickening work of the Holy Spirit. This very plain talk spoken in the context of a discussion on faith, leaves no room whatsoever for a synergistic, prevenient grace.


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