Reformed Companion (app)

Reformed Companion (app)

Check out Reformed Companion on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Your go-to source for your favorite Reformed catechisms, confessions, creeds, and more. The catechisms include proof texts from the ESV Bible translation, as well as a quiz feature to test your catechism knowledge. Very useful and edifying! Thank Clayton Larson for all the labor he put into making this.

This app has an intuitively designed graphic user interface. Very user friendly.

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Elegant Simplicity - Real Treasure

Things of Substance to nourish and re-focus one in the midst of a dangerous sea of information and often incoherent chatter. ThankYou for the simplicity of this instrument filled with essential sound doctrine for strengthening one’s mind and Spirit. I especially appreciate the convenient scripture links. This app contains the “MAIN THINGS”.

Great Resource for Quick Reference

5 star app. It’s nice to have all of this in one place, and searchable! Sometimes one needs a quick reference to an historical reformed document, and this app makes that very easy. I highly recommend using Reformed Companion.