God Above All Governments

God Above All Governments

by Jim Elliff

You may disagree, but I believe biblical history and subsequent Christian history demonstrates that radical internal holiness, godly enthusiasm to follow Christ, and courageous truth-inspired faith in him regardless of the societal externals or the diffidence and even hatred of those around us, do more to accomplish the will of God in the world than the seating of any government over the people.

The government may or may not support the Christian viewpoint. It did not in New Testament days when Christianity spread like a prairie fire across the known world. We should pray that our government will imbibe our principles. We should pay attention and do our part. But our faith doesn’t rest there. Not in the least.

God is above all governments of men; the message we speak is more powerful to transform than any governmental philosophy or program, speech or law; and the Spirit in us grants amazing powers through normal means — sometimes extraordinary means — even in times of suffocating suppression through otherwise normal people who believe resolutely in God to accomplish his will in the hearts of men.

We should, in fact, refuse to put trust in governments and policies, but only in God. God did not mean this world to be our home or a place of perfect peace or satisfaction. That will come later. Until then, we should keep our perspective right by seeing all that happens around us as the dark backdrop for the brilliant beauty and power of the Lord to be seen through his true church.


Originally posted on Christian Communicators Worldwide