The Travels of Ungodliness (eBook)

by Benjamin Keach

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"‘The Travels of Ungodliness’ by Benjamin Keach serves as a compelling sequel to his earlier masterpiece, 'The Travels of True Godliness.'  In this follow-up, Keach continues his exploration of profound theological themes, this time focusing on the pervasive spread and impact of sin throughout human history. Where 'The Travels of True Godliness' charted the journey of godliness amidst adversity and its reception in the human heart, its counterpart delves into the sinister travels of sin, from its inception to its spread across ages, artfully depicted through allegory. This work not only deepens the narrative started in the preceding volume but also offers a contrasting perspective, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the eternal battle between godliness and ungodliness. Together, these works encapsulate Keach’s profound insights into the dual nature of man’s spiritual journey, marked by the forces of divine grace and human frailty."  

"The Travels of Ungodliness" by Benjamin Keach is an allegorical journey chronicling the pervasive and enduring nature of sin from the dawn of creation to contemporary times, told with a blend of earnest piety and narrative flair. Keach, leveraging the allegorical style popular among Puritan writers, presents sin, personified as a traveler or agent of Apollyon (Satan), weaving through human history to spread destruction and estrangement from God. This work is not just a tale of warning but also a deep theological exploration of sin's origins, its devastating impact on humanity, and the relentless battle between divine grace and human depravity.

The book opens by tracing sin's lineage directly to Satan, offering readers a vivid portrayal of sin as an entity with a mission, armed with a commission from the prince of darkness himself. Keach then meticulously chronicles sin’s journey across epochs, highlighting its strategic manipulations to ensnare humanity, from the fall of Adam and Eve to the violence of Cain against Abel, and onward through biblical and historical times. Each chapter is a testament to sin's cunning adaptability, showcasing its ability to exploit human weakness and societal corruption.

Keach's narrative is rich in biblical references and Puritan theology, offering insights into how sin operates within various stages of human life and across different societies. Through allegory, he illustrates the universal and particular dimensions of sin, its personal and communal consequences, and the grace of God as the only means of redemption. Notably, Keach does not just focus on sin's triumphs but also on the resistance offered by figures of faith and integrity throughout history, highlighting the perpetual struggle between good and evil, light and darkness.

This work is a compelling call to vigilance against the wiles of sin, emphasizing the necessity of faith, repentance, and divine grace. Keach's mastery in weaving theological concepts with storytelling makes "The Travels of Ungodliness" not only a moral and spiritual manual but also an engaging narrative that draws readers into reflecting on their own spiritual journeys. It serves as a mirror, a map, and a guide, encouraging readers to examine the role of sin in their lives and the transformative power of grace offered through Christ.

In summary, Benjamin Keach's "The Travels of Ungodliness" is a profound allegorical exploration of sin's pervasive influence through time, offering a stark warning and a hopeful message of redemption. It is a treasure trove for those interested in Puritan theology, the dynamics of sin and grace, and the art of allegorical writing, providing deep spiritual insights and a call to a life of faith and vigilance.


Table of Contents


CHAPTER I. Shewing the Pedigree, Rise, Antiquity, and Original of Sin.

CHAPTER II. Showing how Apollyon, prince of darkness having a design to send Tyrant Sin as his grand agent to travel into all quarters of the earth hey first, Gave him his commission; Secondly, Warning of his enemies; Thirdly, Directions how to overcome and destroy them.

CHAPTER III. Showing how the haughty Prince, and bloody Tyrant, Sin, the grand agent of Apollyon, began his Travels: Also what a strange Retinue doth accompany him: and his great success in the beginning of his actual enterprise.

CHAPTER IV. Showing how Peccatum, alias Sin, came into a country called Nonage, and of the strange projects he played there.

CHAPTER V. Showing how Tyrant Sin, in his progress travelled into Youthshire; and of the fearful conquest and slaughter he made there.

CHAPTER VI. Showing how Tyrant Sin travelled into the vast country, called Sensuality; wherein is discovered the nature) manners, and strange customs of the inhabitants: Together with the strength, government, trade, and other rarities found in a great city situated in the same regions; and of the prodigious and shameful pranks he played there: Also showing the manner how three of the inhabitants thereof made their escape out of the said city and country.

CHAPTER VII. Showing how Tyrant Sin came in his travels into the great country of Commerce, where formerly stood a famous town called Morality; and what fearful work he made there.

CHAPTER VIII. Showing how Sin, alias Ungodliness, came into the great city Babylon; and of the mysterious exploits and mischievous work he made them.

CHAPTER IX. Showing how Peccatum, alias Ungodliness, came against the town of Religion, otherwise called Sion, or the city of God, with a great army of a mixed people, and besieged it: Moreover, how he met with True Godliness, and a noble citizen of Mount Zion, called Thoughtful, and what discourse passed betwixt them; With the strange, politic, and bloody stratagems the tyrant used to destroy the holy city: Together with a compendious description of the situation foundation, trade, and privileges thereof: and by what means it holds out against all the powers of darkness.

CHAPTER X. A compendious description of Mount Zion, the City of God, that is besieged by the powers of darkness; together with the reasons why it holds out still.

CHAPTER XI. Showing how Ungodliness took a voyage to sea, and of the danger he had like to have sustained.

CHAPTER XII. Sin, or Ungodliness' haughty triumph.

CHAPTER XIII. Wherein you have a Hue and Cry after Tyrant Sin: Also who they are that pursue him: Together with the manner of his apprehension, arraignment, trial, sentence, and condemnation.

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