Lectures on Revelation

Vern Sheridan Poythress


The Book of Revelation

Major themes of Revelation, chapter by chapter. For the seminary course NT 311 Revelation, see the listing under courses.

Title Writable Files PDF File Audio mp3 Audio ogg
All files Revelation.odp.zip Revelation.pdf.zip Revelation.mp3.zip Revelation.ogg.zip
Introduction 3U1Intro.odp 3U1Intro.pdf 3U1Intro.mp3 3U1Intro.ogg
Historical Setting 3U2Situa.odp 3U2Situa.pdf 3U2Situa.mp3 3U2Situa.ogg
Structure 3U3Struc.odp 3U3Struc.pdf 3U3Struc.mp3 3U3Struc.ogg
Theophany 3U4Theop.odp 3U4Theop.pdf 3U4Theop.mp3 3U4Theop.ogg
The Seven Seals 3U5Seals.odp 3U5Seals.pdf 3U5Seals.mp3 3U5Seals.ogg
The Seven Trumpets 3U6Trump.odp 3U6Trump.pdf 3U6Trump.mp3 3U6Trump.ogg
Counterfeiting 3U7Count.odp 3U7Count.pdf 3U7Count.mp3 3U7Count.ogg
The Beast 3U8Beast.odp 3U8Beast.pdf 3U8Beast.mp3 3U8Beast.ogg
The Prostitute 3U9Prost.odp 3U9Prost.pdf 3U9Prost.mp3 3U9Prost.ogg
The Millennium 3U10Mill.odp 3U10Mill.pdf 3U10Mill.mp3 3U10Mill.ogg
Revelation 20 3U11Rev20.odp 3U11Rev20.pdf 3U11Rev20.mp3 3U11Rev20.ogg
The Consummation 3U12Cons.odp 3U12Cons.pdf 3U12Cons.mp3 3U12Cons.ogg

Here are major themes of Revelation, discussed in a more topical arrangement.

Title Writable Files PDF File Audio mp3 Auido ogg
Introduction: Reading and Understanding 3T1Intro.odp 3T1Intro.pdf 3T1Understanding.mp3 3T1Understanding.ogg
Structure 3T2Struc.odp 3T2Struc.pdf 3T2Struc.mp3 3T2Struc.ogg
Counterfeiting 3T3Count.odp 3T3Count.pdf 3T3Count.mp3 3T3Count.ogg
The Beast 3T4Beast.odp 3T4Beast.pdf
Schools of Interpretation 3T5Schools.odp 3T5Schools.pdf
Theophany 3T6Theophany.odp 3T6Theophany.pdf
Millennium 3T7Millennium.odp 3T7Millennium.pdf 3T7Mille.mp3 3T7Mille.ogg

There is a television interview of Vern Poythress on the topic of Eschatology and the Book of Revelation, with host Paul Arthur, In Sight, The Miracle Channel, http://www.miraclechannel.ca. The download is 3.9GB, so you need a fast connection. See also Vern S. Poythress, The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed, 2000).


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