Expository Thoughts on the Gospels

by J.C. Ryle

Available in Kindle .mobi and ePub

Table of Contents

Expository Thoughts on Matthew

Expository Thoughts on Mark

Expository Thoughts on Luke

Expository Thoughts on John


In the first place, I indulge the hope that the work may be found suitable for use at family prayers. The supply of works adapted for this purpose has never yet been equal to the demand.

In the next place, I cannot help hoping that the work may prove an aid to those who visit the sick and the poor. The number of persons who visit hospitals, sick-rooms, and cottages, with an earnest desire to do spiritual good, is now very great. There is reason to believe that proper books for reading on such occasions are much wanted.

Last, but not least, I trust that the work may not be found unprofitable for private reading, as a companion to the Gospels. There are not a few whose callings and engagements make it impossible for them to read large commentaries and expositions of God's Word. I ahve thought that such may find it helpful to their memories to have a few leading points set before their minds in connection with what they read.


Please note: When you open the file in your eReader device, the first four chapters that appear (prior to the copyright notice) goes to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all four gospels. This eBook comes with an actively linked table of contents to all four gospels.

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