"Give us this day our daily bread"

When we read this plea in the prayer our Lord has given us, it reminds us of our utter dependence on Him for everything we have, including our spiritual gifts and the grace to persevere to the end. When we were unregenerate and without God in the world, our conversion only took place when God opened our eyes to despair of any help from ourselves that we might look to Christ for His mercy. So also as Christians we live by the same principle since only by losing of all confidence in ourselves do we grow in grace; Christians do not become more mature in such a way as to gain more confidence in our spiritual abilities. On the contrary, the mature Christian, becomes even more conscious of his own frailty, and will turn unto the Lord for all his/her daily graces. It is only when we are weak, that we are strong (2Co 12:10). In other words, if we are to be effective at all, there must first be a consciousness of our weakness and innate spiritual bankruptcy.

In the Lord's marketplace, He only does trade with the poor, the sick and the blind. If you attempt to trade with Him with the meat you have earned, your merit or your gifts( that He has given you), He will not trade with you. The straight way is entirely too narrow to bring your goods through the door. You must leave them outside and come with empty hands if you would fit through that low and narrow space. Then you are ready and the Lord will fill you with abundance. The Lord says He did not come to call the righteous but sinners; and likewise affirms that those who are blind will not be guilty of sin, but those who claim to see, their sin remains. A man naturally wishes to establish his self-sufficiency. But if a person does recognize his inadequacy and need of help it is apparent that the Lord has done a work of grace in his heart, for where we end is where His grace begins.

Christian, you are dependent on God for the continuance of your strength and comfort to get through the day. You cannot rely on the blessings and good cheer you had yesterday. No, today we must approach the Lord anew in a posture of dependence, for self-sufficiency will never do for a Christian. You can no more rely on past blessings than you can rely on yesterday's meal for today. It is well beyond your own ability, and skill to maintain the Spirits' joy and comfort ... God's favor is necessary to your success. The farmer can sow his seed and labor hard, but without God's blessing of rain, his labor will be in vain. Only Christ can provide this and our labor is in vain if not in the Lord. If you would like to see spiritual fruit, depend on God each day for spiritual sustenance as Israel depended each day on Manna. We cannot simply get a supply of joy or blessing from what we have stored away somewhere in ourselves. God does what He will with His supply and He wishes that His children would call His blessings down daily. The Text affirms that God gave manna to humble the Israelites (Deut 8). The humbling comes because it is the Lord who dispensed the food, just as he dispenses our daily grace (bread). He keeps the key to our heavenly blessings that we might pray in His will and be instruments of advancing His kingdom here below. 'Lord, give us this day our daily bread.'

- J.W. Hendryx