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Audio Resources by Scripture (Contemporary)


Decisional Regeneration (.pdf)
May We Pray the Imprecatory Psalms?
Human Ability Divine Power (MP3)

Exposition of Romans (MP3 Series)


The Contemporary Church
Not Perfect Just Forgiven
Christian Unity-Cooperation or Compromise? (.pdf)
Sola Fide: Does It Really Matter?
Who Really Speaks for God?
A View of Rome - Four Part Series
Justification by Faith Alone
The Authority of Scripture
The Modern Megachurch Phenomenon
The Unique Christ and the Modem Challenge (.pdf)
Modernity Postmodernity: What’s a Non-specialist to Do?

Why Luther? (.pdf)
The Trinity: What and Why? (.pdf)


Answering Objections: When Faith is Under Attack
Is Sola Scriptura a Protestant Concoction?
Tools of Apologetics
The Encounter of Jerusalem With Athens
Questions for Presbytery Apologetics Exam
The Problem of evil
Presuppositional Reasoning with False Faiths
Many More Essays by Bahnsen...


Covenant Theology Illustrated
God's Purpose According to Election
The All-Sufficiency of Christ
Hermeneutics & Biblical Theology
Is Bibliolatry Possible?
Thy Kingdom Come (.pdf)
Discipline in the Church: Revelation 2-3
Cult Prostitution In NT Ephesus
Wisdom & Folly
Firstborn Over All


16 Puritan Biographies
The Origins of Calvinism
Reading and Hearing the Word in a Puritan Way
John Owen on Assurance
Family Worship (.pdf)
Justification by Faith Alone
What is Reformed Experimental Preaching?
Richard Sibbes on Entertaining the Holy Spirit
Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children (.pdf)
Is TV Really So Bad?
An Appointment You Will Keep (.pdf)
Escape For Your Life (.pdf)
Why You Should Read the Puritans
Reading The Best In Puritan Literature:
A Modern Bibliography (pdf)

Almost Home
Advanced Teaching on Predestination, Providence, God's Attributes & The Trinity (22 MP3 Lectures)
John Calvin: Teacher and Practitioner of Evangelism (.pdf)
Holiness (.pdf)
Puritan Evangelism
More Joel Beeke Resources ...


A Place for Truth Studies
A Place for Truth Essays
A Place for Truth Sermons
Word of Encouragement
Forsaking our Mother (prepub e-book)


Whatever Happened to Heaven? (.pdf)
The Humanity of Christ (.pdf)
Where is God When Things God Wrong? (pdf)


The Cambridge Declaration
A Golden Chain of Five Links
Whatever Happened to God?
Alpha and Omega (.pdf)
Salad Bar Sanctuaries
Why Would God Let this Happen?
Predestination and Free Will (.pdf)
Christ's Prayer for God's City
Common Grace
God's Providence
How should Christians celebrate Christmas?
On Knowing God
Here We Stand
Carnal knowledge
Our Promise Keeping God
Reformed Theology
The Centrality of the Cross
Becomming a Christian (.pdf)
The New Pragmatism
The Sufficiency of the Word of God
The Preacher and God's Word
Verifying the Resurrection
The Virgin Birth and History
The Memorial Service For Dr. James Montgomery Boice
Hall of Contemporary Reformers*


A Biblical Guide to Orthodoxy and Heresy, Part 1; Part 2
A Biblical Basis for the Doctrine of the Trinity
Cult Evangelism: Which Methods Are Effective?
Faith Has its Reasons


Gospel-Driven Sanctification (.pdf)
The Discomfort of the Justified Life
The Agonizing Prayer
Dr. Art Azurdia Interviews Jerry Bridges (.pdf)


Must I Learn to Interpret the Bible? (.pdf)
The Gospel Of Jesus Christ (.pdf)
The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God (.pdf)

The Dangers & Delights of Postmodernism

The Emerging Church

The Tabula Rasa Fallacy
A Sovereign and Personal God
The Challenges of Contemporary Pluralism (.pdf)
Love in Hard Places (.pdf)
The Love of God and the Intent of the Atonement

The God Who is There (14-Part MP3 Series)
On Distorting the Love of God
Excuses for Not Praying
The Mystery of Providence (.pdf)
Reflections on Assurance (.pdf)
The Biblical Gospel (.pdf)
The Scholar as Pastor (.pdf)
Is the Church a House of Worship?
What is Jesus' Essential Nature?
Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology
Two Testaments, One Story
The God Who is There (14-Part MP3 Series)
Job, Mystery and Faith (.pdf)
Hall of Contemporary Reformers


Man's Will Free - Yet Bound
Joy Beyond the Cross
Preaching the Law of God
Take Up Your Cross
The Covenants of Works and the Covenants of Grace (.pdf)
The Myth of Free Will (.pdf)


The Splendor of the Three-in-One God
The Israel of God
The Importance of Being More Than Earnest
Limited Atonement
Against the Theology of Glory
Theses on Covenant Theology
Substance and Accidents
Divine Immensity
How Did We Come to Faith?
Principles of Reformed Worship
The Free Offer of the Gospel
The Evangelical Fall from the Means of Grace
On the New Covenant
Abraham, Moses and Baptism
When the Good News Becomes Bad
On Being Truly Postmodern
What the Bible is All About
Classic Covenant Theology


The Sovereignty of God

Saving Faith
The Ordination of Women
Classical Apologetics
Clark Speaks from the Grave
God and Logic

Time and Eternity
Determinism and Responsibility
Christian Aesthetics

The Trinity
In the Beginning
The Cosmological Argument

A Protestant World-View
The Christian and the Law
Mindless Men: Behaviorism and Christianity


1 and 2 Timothy


The Biblical Theology of the Church
The Final Temple
What is the Bible About?
Authority: The Church & The Bible
Discovering Christ in the OT
The Singing Savior (.pdf)
Preaching Christ from the Psalms (MP3s)
Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World (MP3s)
Sharing the Father's Welcome (.pdf)


Calvin & Calvinism
Evangelism and Election
Total Depravity
From Augustine to the Reformation
Irresistable Grace
Lamb of God and Lion of Judah
Limited Atonement
The Leaven of Synergism 
The Comfort of Calvinism
The Crystallization of the Theology of Grace
The Incarnation
The Great Day of Atonement
The Sinless One Becomes a Sin Offering
The Sovereignty of Grace (21 Chapter Book)
The Perseverance of the Saints
The Future of the Non-elect
Unconditional Election
When to Preach Election


Building The Biblical Theological Sermon , Part 2
Jesus & Lazarus
Life, Light, Lamb, and the Logos
Paul on the Damascas Road
The Babe and the Babes of Bethlehem
The Eschatological Aspect of Justification
The Gospel of John, an Introduction
The Righteous King, The Just Kingdom
The Sign of Jonah
John 2: Structure and Biblical Theology
What Should I Read on the Song of Solomon?
Witness to the King
Pax Romana, Pax Christi
What is Bibical Theology
The Gospel of John (26-Part Lecture Series)


Nothing But the Blood
Where'd All These Calvinists Come From? (10-Part)
Pastoral Fearmongering, Manipulation, and Hell
"God told me" and the Sufficiency of Scripture
What are the Nine Marks of a Healthy Church?
Hall of Contemporary Reformers **
More by MD


12-Part Series on Covenant Theology
What in the World is a Worldview?
Method for Prayer
The Reformed Doctrine of Baptism & New Testament Practice
He is Risen
Series on Daniel
Impatience and Idolatry
Understanding the Times
More Concerns about NT Wright
The Federal Vision (extensive)
What About the Deity of Christ?
Moses' Law for Modern Government
Four Studies in the WSC (1647) by S.W. Carruthers. Introduced by J. Ligon Duncan
Pelagian Origins
Hall of Contemporary Reformers*
Sermon Archives


John Owen On The Spirit In The Life Of Christ
"Little Innocents"
The New Birth
The Spiritual Appetite
Expelling Worldliness with a New Affection
The Task of Seeking God's Mysterious Will
Of Holiness: Abiding in Christ's Love
Discovering God's Will

Scripture and Tradition
Hall of Contemporary Reformers**

Where God Looks First
Discernment: Thinking God's Thoughts after Him
The Practice of Mortification
Salvation Past, Present and Future

R. A. FINLAYSON 1895 - 1989

The Holiness of God
Contemporary Ideas of Inspiration (.pdf)
God the Father
The Person of Christ
The Last Things [Judgement]
The Assurance of Faith


In Defense of Something Close to Biblicism
Introduction to the Reformed Faith
Traditionalism and Sola Scriptura Part I; Part II
Does the Bible Affirm Open Theism?
Law and Gospel
Working Together
Walking Together
The Lord's Authority
Preaching Christ from the Decalogue

The Lord of Power
The Presence of the Lord
Is the Bible Inerrant?
Foreknowledge and the Free Will of Men
Preaching Christ From the Decalogue
How to Be Confident Amid Millennial Frenzies
God in Time
Free Will and Moral Responsibility

Serving One Another in Worship
Christians and Charter Schools
Does God Change His Mind?
The Bible on the Problem of Evil
Who Owns Palestine?
"Cornelius Van Til"

Dealing with Doctrinal Differences
Studying Theology as a Servant of Jesus
Political Theology in Wartime
Moral Heroism

The Claims of Christ A Sermon on John 5:16-29
“Presuppositional Apologetics, ”
“Self-Refuting Statements,”
Nursing Homes and the Fifth Command
A Theology of Opportunity:Sola Scriptura and the Great Commission, Part 2, Part 3
Unregenerate Knowledge of God (.pdf)
Hall of Contemporary Reformers**


Christ Our High Priest In Heaven
Resurrection and Redemption
A Reformed Critique of The New Perspective
2005 Auburn Avenue Pastors’ Conference
The Usefulness of The Cross
Redemption and Resurrection
The Holy Spirit & Eschatology
Biblical Theology and the Westminster Standards
Pentecost: Before and After
What about Prophecy and Tongues Today?
Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology
Challenges of the Charismatic Movement to the Reformed Tradition
Gaffin and Grudem on Ephesians 2:20

The Holy Spirit and Eschatology
Justified Now and Forever


A Primer on the Diety of Christ
Biblical Inerrancy

Atonement: How Jesus Paid it All
Justification by Faith Alone

Justification: from Jonathan Edwards: A Mini-Theology

History of the Doctrine of Justification
Assurance: How do we Know what we Know?
The Church: The Body of Christ
The Terror of the Lord
Does God Love the Sinner and Only Hate the Sin?
God's Providence: A Two-Edged Sword
Every Man Must Be A Theologian
Theology in Dialogue (excerpt)



Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit (.pdf)
The Active Obedience of Christ
Regeneration: What does it mean to be born again?

God's Providence (.pdf)
The Covenant of Works
Misunderstandings of the Doctrine of Election
The Covenants Between God and Man
Does "Head" Mean "Source" Or "Authority Over" in Greek Literature? A Survey of 2,336 Examples (.pdf)
Systematic Theology (117-Part MP3 Lecture Series)


The Dick Staub Interview: Os Guinness
No Calling Without a Caller
Calling, Postmodernism, and Chastened Liberals
Differences Make a Difference
Relevance or the Gospel?
Sounding Out the Idols of Church Growth
The Striptease of Humanism


A Short Defense of the Doctrines of Grace
A Short Defense of Presuppositional Apologetics
Sola Scriptura (.pdf)
Justification as Distinct from Sanctification
James and Paul on Abraham's Salvation (.pdf)
Six Day Creation
Calvinism and "Learned Ignorance"
Corporate and Individual Election
2 Peter 2:1 and Limited Atonement
The Two Resurrections John 5:16-30
Sermons on Baptism
Four Views of the Lord's Supper
"Signs and Seals"
Studies - Prophecy and Dispensationalism Dispensationalism - Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow
(Kindle & ePub)


A Defense of Reformed Liturgy (.pdf)
Gospel-Driven: Good News People in a Bad News World (MP3s)
Reformation Essentials: Five Pillars (or .pdf)
The Differences between Rome (infusion) and Geneva (imputation) in Justification
Pelagianism: Religion of the Natural Man
Preaching Christ Alone
Who Saves Whom? (.pdf)
What is the Reformed Faith (.pdf)
A Dying Man's Consolation
What's really At Stake?
A New Creation
Christless Christianity
Receiving Christ
A Permanent Address
All About Heresy
Are Your Hymns Too Spiritual?
Beyond Culture Wars
Deja Vu All Over Again (.pdf)
Christless Christianity
God Glorified in the Cross of Christ
Good News for Bad Dads
Grace How Strange the Sound
Guidelines for Proper Political Involvement
Joel Osteen and the Glory Story: A Case Study
Mysteries of God and Means of Grace
Piety vs. Pietism / Confessional vs. Confessionalism
Precious Moments in American Religion
Remnant: Who is Israel?
The Church and Israel
The Legacy of Charles Finney
The New Gnosticism
Wanted: Ministers Who Preach Christ
What Are we Looking For in the Bible?
What About Bob? The Meaning of Ministry in the Reformed Tradition
Union with Christ
What Makes Something a Sacrament?
Whatever Happened to Sin?
Saved from God
The Covenantal Summons: When God Gathers His People in Worship
10-Part Review/Critique of N.T. Wright's Justification (.pdf)
Why Substitutionary Atonement Remains Crucial (.pdf)
Hall of Contemporary Reformers*


A Primer on Hypercalvinism
How Charles Finney's Theology Ravaged the Evangelical Movement

Supralapsarianism & Infralapsarianism
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
God Without Mood Swings Recovering the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility
The Nature of the Atonement Why and For Whom Did Christ Die?
A Defense of the Old Perspective on
Paul: What Did St. Paul Really Say?
The History of Heresy (.pdf)
Calvinism on Trial
The Theory of Relativity: Postmodernism (.pdf)
Teaching Your Children Spiritual Truth


An Evangelical and Reformed Faith
The Growing Seed
Mark 4:26-29
The Regulative Principle
Sola Fide


Why & What: A Brief Introduction to Christianity
The Futility of Non Christian Thought
Rethinking Milk Buying



The Everlasting Covenant
Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
Effectual Calling and Regeneration
The Real Reason for Revival
Knowledge - False and True A Warning Against Dead Orthodoxy

God's Battle, Not Ours
Introduction to the Beatitudes
Judicial Hardening
The Authority of Scripture
The Authority of the Holy Spirit
Christian Conduct - Exposition of Romans 12
Justification - from the author's exposition of Romans 8:28-30
Romans Catholicism

Howell Harris and Revival
William Williams and Welsh Calvinistic Methodism
Romans: Exposition of Chapter 10: Saving Faith
The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
He and He Alone (.pdf)
Intro to the Sermon on the Mount
The Christian Soldier (.pdf)
The Only Way
God and Time
A Living Hope of the Hereafter
Breadth, Length, Depth, Height
Christian and Non-Christian
Faith on Trial
God or Mammon
Humanism-The Fifth Woe
On the Altar Call
In the Beloved
Jesus on Prayer
A Kingdom Which Cannot be Shaken
The Call to Battle
The Light of the World
The Prodigal Son
The Salt of the Earth
The Wrath of God
The Plight of Man and the Power of God


A Biblical Theology of the City
Gospel-Centered Ministry (.pdf)
New City Catechism (.pdf)
Being the Church in our Culture (MP3)
The Importance of Hell
The Centrality of the Gospel
Religious and Philosophical Pluralism
The Advent of Humility
The Gospel and the Poor (.pdf)
The Gospel: Key to Change (.pdf)
The Idol Factory (.pdf)
The Acid Test of Being a Christian
Jesus our Defense
Talking About Idolatry in a Postmodern Age
Pastor's Self-Evaluation Questionnaire with David Powlison
A Biblical Theology of the City
Christians and Culture (.pdf)
Buildings for Community (.pdf)
The Gospel in All its Forms (.pdf)
A New Kind of Urban Christian
Moralism Vs, Christ-Centered Exposition
Prayer and the Gospel
Christ and the City (.pdf)
Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs (.pdf)
Evangelism Through Networking
Evangelistic Worship (.pdf)
Gnostics & Jesus
How Can I know God? (.pdf)
The Missional Church (.pdf)
Preaching Hell in a Tolerant Age
Preaching Morality in an Amoral Age
Questions on Everyone's Mind
Religionless Spirituality
Why Plant Churches? (.pdf)
Worship Worthy of the Name 
Preaching Amid Pluralism
All Life is Repentance (.pdf)
Tim Keller @Monergism MP3 Library
150 Sermons and Lectures
Tim Keller's blog
Hall of Contemporary Reformers*


Answering Objections to the Covenant of Works
Covenant Theology Under Attack
Because It Had Not Rained
By My Spirit , Part 2, Part 3
Evangel of the Messianic Angel ,
Part 2

How Long? (Part 1)
How Long? (Part 2)
Messianic Avenger
The Exaltation of Christ
The Rider of the Red Horse (Part 1)
The Rider of the Red Horse (Part 2)
The Servant & The Serpent (Part 1)
The Servant & The Serpent (Part 2)
Comments on the A. A. Hodge One-Covenant Construction of the Redemptive Order
Two Adams Two Covenants of Works
What is a Covenant?

Handouts based on Kline's Lectures
Kline's Grid (PDF 1 p.)
Kline's Covenant Theology (PDF 1 p.)
A Glossary of Klinean Terminology
Kline's Covenantal Analysis of the Law
The Use of the Treaty Format in the Mosaic Covenant (PDF)
Christ and Culture: Four Views (PDF)


The Deadly Dangers of Moralism
Chosen by God Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The Sovereignty of God in Salvation (.pdf)
He Saved Us
The Christian's Responsibility In a Pagan Society--Part 1 , Part 2
The Sufficiency of the Written Word
Who Chose Whom? (.pdf)
A 15-Year Retrospective on the Lordship Controversy
Answering Key Questions about Election
Church Discipline (.pdf)
The Love of God and the Non-Elect
Making the Hard Decisions Easy
Making Decisions on Non-Moral Issues
The Problem of Evil (audio)
What Do I Look For When Choosing New Church?
Why We Believe Why Other Reject
Words of Hope
Hall of Contemporary Reformers*


A Bad Record and a Bad Heart (.pdf)
What is a Biblical Christian?

Particular Redemption (MP3 Series)
Reasons Why Some Will Not Come to Christ


The Holy Spirit and Apologetics (YouTube)
Church Discipline The Missing Mark
The Reformation of Doctrine and the Renewal of the Church:
Keeping The Faith In a Faithless Age
Does God Give Bad Advice?
To Train the Minister Whom God Has Called
Stewards of the Mysteries of God
The Urgency of Preaching
Atonement: Understanding the Meaning of the Cross
Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (.pdf)
Why Doctrine Matters
There May be More Than One Way to God
The Reformation of Doctrine and the Renewal of the Church
More Articles by Al Mohler
Hall of Contemporary Reformers*


What is the Gospel?
Dr. Lloyd-Jones and Authority in Preaching
Will the Unhold Be Saved?

Charles G. Finney: How Theology Affects Understanding of Revival

The Puritan Hope (book)
The Puritans and Revival Christianity
On Whitefield and Wesley
Spiritual Characteristics of the First Christian Society in America
The Puritans and Revival Christianity
Thomas Hooker And The Doctrine Of Conversion .pdf
Extracts and Anecdotes on Unity Among Christians
Problems of Rerfomed Eldership


Adamic Administration


Arminianism in the Pilgrimage of the Soul

Arminianism and the Atonement
Attestation of Scripture
The Nature of the Atonement
Calvin on the Sovereignty of God
Calvin, Dordt and Westminster on Predestination
Christ Himself in the Assemblies of His People
Co-operation in Evangelism
Covenant of Grace
Definitive Sanctification (.pdf)
From Faith to Faith
Irresistable Grace
Law and Grace
The Crux of the Reformation (.pdf)
The Death of Christ
The Fear of God
The Fourth Commandment

The Heavenly Priestly Activity of Christ
The Order of Application
The Reformed Faith and Arminianism
The Sanctity of Truth
The Atonement

The Sovereignty of God (.pdf)
The Sabbath (.pdf)
The Weak and the Strong

Tradition: Romish and Protestant
Why We Baptize Infants


God of the Possible?
Polemical Theology

God Glorified in Conversion
How to Deal with Those Who Differ from Us (.pdf)
Sanctification: Growing Toward God

The Canon Of The New Testament
New Testament Use of the Old Testament
Covenant, Universal Call and Definite Atonement

God of the Possible?
Prayer: A Prelude to Revival (.pdf)
Unbounded Loce or Unbounded License?
Induction and Deduction with Reference to Inspiration

Justification by Faith Alone
Christ our Righteousness


Attributes of God (MP3 Series)
Intro to The Death of Death (.pdf)
Should the average Christian care about theology?
Hermeneutics and
Biblical Authority
Our Lord's Understanding of the Law of God
The Fall
Predestination - God has a purpose
On Covenant Theology
Definite Redemption (.pdf)
Evangelism & The Sovereignty Of God
Incarnation GOD SENT HIS SON
Justification is by Grace Through Faith
Self-existence - God has Always Been

Marks of Revival
Packer on Ryle
The Lord's Supper
The Puritan Approach to Worship
Sola Fide: The Reformed Doctrine Of Justification
Freedom And Authority
An Interview With Dr. J. I. Packer
“The Adequacy of Human Language”
Why We Need the Puritans
Situation Ethics
Salvation: Jesus Rescues His People From Sin
The Plan of God
More from J. I. Packer ...


Attrbutes of God (.pdf)
Profiting from the Word (.pdf)

Studies on Saving Faith
(HTML, ePub & .mobi)
Gleanings in the Godhead (HTML)
The Sovereignty of God (.pdf)
Eternal Security
Why Four Gospels? (.pdf)
Studies in the Atonement'
The Necessity of Regeneration (.pdf)
Regeneration or the New Birth
The Godhood of God (.pdf)
Christian Employees (.pdf)
The Doctrine of Sanctification (.pdf)
The Doctrine of Justification (.pdf)
The Doctrine of Assurance (.pdf)
Comfort for Christians (.pdf)
Doctrine of Human Depravity (.pdf)
The Doctrine of Election (.pdf)
The Doctrine of Man's Impotence

Gleanings in Genesis (.pdf)
Dispensationalism (.pdf) (critical)
Spiritual Growth (.pdf)
The Holy Spirit (.pdf)


Are There Two Wills in God?
By What Death Will You Glorify God?

Created for His Glory Part I
- Part II (.pdf)
God Strengthens Us By the Gospel
Why I Do Not Say:"God Did Not Cause the Calamity but He Can Use It For Good"
How Does a Sovereign God Love? (.pdf)
The Pleasure of God in All He Does (.pdf)
Is God Less Glorious because He Ordained that evil Be? (.pdf)
The Marks of a Spiritual Leader
Quest for Joy Six Biblical Truths
Sustained By Sovereign Grace--Forever
Sovereignty of God and Prayer
The Suffering of Christ and the Sovereignty of God
My Anguish: My Kinsmen Are Accursed Romans 9:1-5
Ten Aspects of God's Sovereignty Over Suffering and Satan's Hand in It
God Does Not Repent Like a Man
A Divine And Supernatural Light Immediately Imparted to the Soul
That Which Is Born of the Spirit Is Spirit
The Sovereignty of God and Prayer

Hall of Contemporary Reformers*MP3s
Much More...


2 Thessalonians 1 Supports Amillennialism
Christ the Only Savior of Interpretation
Divine Meaning of Scripture
Gender and Generic Pronouns in English Bible Translation
God's Lordship in Interpretation
How I Helped My Boys to Become Christian Men
Indifferentism and Rigorism in the Church: With Implications for Baptizing Small Children

Inerrancy and Worldview (.pdf
In the Beginning was the Word (.pdf)
Johannine Authorship and the Use of Intersentence Conjunctions in the Book of Revelation
Linking Small Children with Infants in the Theology of Baptizing
Modern Spiritual Gifts as Analagous to Apostolic Gifts: Affirming Extraordinary Works of the Spirit within Cessationist Theology
God-Centerered Biblical Interpretation (HTML)
Political Correctness and Bible Translation: A Preliminary Response to Ellis W. Deibler
Presbyterianism and Dispensationalism
Redeeming Sociology (.pdf)
Reversing the Fall and Setting Creation Free
Redeeming Science (.pdf)
Small Changes in Meaning Can Matter: The Unacceptability of the TNIV
The Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy (pdf)
The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation (.pdf)
Science and Hermeneutics (HTML)
The History of Salvation (.pdf)
The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses (.pdf)
Symphonic Theology
TNIV's Altered Meanings: An Evaluation of the TNIV
Truth and Fullness of Meaning: Fullness versus Reductionistic Semantics in Bible Interpretation
Understanding Dispensationalism (HTML)
What are Spiritual Gifts? (.pdf)
Why Scientists Must Believe in God: Divine Attributes of Scientific Law



The Sovereignty of God in Providence (.pdf)
The Doctrine of Total Depravity Part I, Part II (.pdf)
The Doctrine of Election – Part I, Part II (.pdf)
Objections to Gods Sovereign Election (.pdf)
Arminian Election
Doctrine of the Atonement (.pdf)
The New Birth Part I, Part II (.pdf)
Perseverance of the Saints Part I, Part II (.pdf)
God's Part and Man's Part in Salvation
The Chain of Grace
Our Sovereign God
Three Ways of Assurance
There Are Only Two Religions in the World

What is the Gospel?


Five Arguments for the Unity of the Covenant of Grace
The "Very Pernicious and Detestable" Doctrine of Inclusivism (.pdf)
Who Really Owns the Holy Land?
The Character of the Crosswork of Jesus Christ
The Justification of Theology as an Intellectual Discipline
Ten Lines of Evidence for Particular Redemption
Roman Catholicism's Recent Claim That it is the True Church
Two Reasons I Could Never be a Muslim
Highly Questionable Methods


A Commentary on the Belgic Confession
A Reformed Approach to Evangelism
A Present or Future Millennium?
Jesus Christ the True Israel
Jesus the True Temple
God Glorified in Sacntification
Reformed Confessionalism & The New Perspective on Paul
Fire and Water (.pdf)
Grace Alone: An Evangelical Problem?
No Ordinary Death (.pdf)
The Church of the Highest Common Denominator
Thy Kingdom Come
The Triple Cure (.pdf)
There Have to be Divisions Amoung Us (.psd)
Fathers Instruct Your Children
Some Dos and Some Dont's of Evangelism
Basics of the Reformed Faith (series)
More Theological Essays ...


Old Testament Biblical Theology
Do You Need to Be Born Again?
The Current Justification Controversy
Tongues Today?
Toward a Reformational View of Total Christian Involvement (Part I) & (Part II)
The Prophets
The Wind Blows Where it Wills


Corporate and Individual Election in Rom 9 (.pdf)
Does Scripture Teach Prevenient Grace in the Wesleyan Sense? (.pdf)
Does Regeneration Necessarily Precede Conversion?
Evangelism and God's Power (.pdf)
Interpreting the Pauline Epistles (.pdf)
Preaching and Biblical Theology (.pdf)
The Foolishness of the Cross (.pdf)
Sovereignty, Suffering and Open Theism (.pdf)


A Gospel Primer
An Examination of the Five Points of Calvinism
Total Depravity and Man's Inability
Chosen by God
The Holy Spirit (14-Part Series)
Is the Pretribulation Rapture Biblical?
The New Birth 
Dealing with Marital Problems
Principles for Problem Solving in the Home
Auburn Avenue Theology's Rejection of Justification by Faith Alone
The “Active Obedience” of Jesus Christ
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Biblical Doctrine of Hell Examined
The Sacraments (8-Part Series)
Roman Catholicism: A Biblical Analysis
Gethsemane to the Burial of Christ (24-Part)
The Resurrection of Christ (15-Part Series)
Sermon on the Mount (38-Part Series)
The Visible Vs. the Invisible Church Distinction
Much Much More... ***


Adam's Fall and Mine
Augustine & Pelagius (.pdf)
Dead Men Walking
Essential Truths of the Christian Faith (pdf)
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?
"Double" Predestination
Imputed Righteousness: The Evangelical Doctrine
The Pelagian Captivity of the Church
Regeneration Precedes Faith
The Importance of Justification (.pdf)
Sola Scriptura: Crucial to Evangelicalism
The New Genesis
The Proto Gospel

The Sufficiency of Grace
The Will of God
Hall of Contemporary Reformers*


D. A. Carson Critiques the Emerging Church
Divine Election (28 Essays)
Controversial Issues
Attributes of God
Eschatology (amillennial)
Eternal Security
Historical Theology
Theology of Jonathan Edwards


Doctrines of Salvation...
Man's Radical Corruption
Man's Moral Inability
Effectual Calling
The Holy Spirit's Work of Regeneration
The Importance of the Covenant of Works


My Creedo
Why I Believe in God
Survey of Christian Epistemology
The Defense of Christianity


Evaluating the New Perspective On Paul - 26 Articles tracing the development, theology and scholars associated with the New Perspective.
The Binding of Satan
Evaluating Premillennialism
Israel and the Church
Getting the Gospel Right


Come to Me: An Urgent Invitation to Turn to Christ
The Moral Basis of Faith (.pdf)
What Shall We Pray For? (.pdf)
God's Fatherhood and Prayer (.pdf)


John Chapter 6
Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura?

Has the Potter No right Over the Clay?
Was Anyone Saved at the Cross? (.pdf)
More by James White




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