Sermons on Exodus

by C. H. Spurgeon

Exodus 1:10-12 Prosperity Under Persecution
Exodus 2:23-25, 3:9-10 Israel's Cry and God's Answer
Exodus 3:6 The Two Pivots
Exodus 3:9-10 Israel's Cry and God's Answer
Exodus 4:22, 23, 6:1 The Great Emancipator
Exodus 6:9 To the Saddest of the Sad
Exodus 7:12 The Power of Aaron's Rod
Exodus 8:1 A Divine Challenge
Exodus 8:8 Take Away the Frogs
Exodus 8:25, 28, 10:8, 24, 26 All or None - Or, Compromises Refused - A Sermon With Five Texts
Exodus 9:27 Confession of Sin—a Sermon with Seven Texts
Exodus 10:3 The Question Between the Plagued
Exodus 10:26 Full Redemption
Exodus 11:7 Separating the Precious from the Vile
Exodus 12:1-2 The Beginning of Months
Exodus 12:1-20: Exposition
Exodus 12:3-4 Too Little For the Lamb
Exodus 12:3-4 Sermon Notes -Too Little for the Lamb
Exodus 12:8 Bitter Herbs
Exodus 12:13 The Sacred Love-Token
Exodus 12:13 The Blood
Exodus 12:21-27 The Blood of Sprinkling and the Children)
Exodus 12:26 A Question for Communicants
Exodus 12:41 The Exodus
Exodus 12:42 A Holy Celebration
Exodus 13:13 Redeeming the Unclean
Exodus 14 Exposition
Exodus 14:3 Entangled in the Land
Exodus 14:15 Unseasonable Prayer
Exodus 14:15 Sermon Notes - Unseasonable Prayer
Exodus 14:15 Forward! Forward! Forward!
Exodus 14:19-20 The Glory in the Rear
Exodus 15:1-2 Jubilate
Exodus 15:22-26 Marah Better Than Elim
Exodus 15:23-25 Marah; or, the Bitter Waters Sweetened
Exodus 15:26 Jehovah-Rophi
Exodus 16:4 Lessons From the Manna
Exodus 17:8 War with Amalek
Exodus 17:8-9 Both Sides of the Shield
Exodus 17:9 War of Truth
Exodus 20:1-17: Exposition
Exodus 20:18-20 The Mediator—The Interpreter
Exodus 21:5-6 The Ear Bored With An Awl
Exodus 21:5-6 Ears Bored to the Door-Post
Exodus 24:1-8 Exposition
Exodus 32:14 The Meditation of Moses
Exodus 32: Exposition
Exodus 32:26 Who Is On The LORD's Side?
Exodus 32:1-29 Exposition
Exodus 33:15 Removal
Exodus 28:36-38 The Iniquity of Our Holy Things
Exodus 29:1 The Consecration of Priests
Exodus 29:33 Eating the Sacrifice
Exodus 30:7-8 Incense And Light
Exodus 30:11-16, 38:26-27 Silver Sockets; or, Redemption the Foundation (Pdf)
Exodus 32:14 The Mediation Of Moses
Exodus 32:26 On Whose Side Are You? (Pdf)
Exodus 32:26 Sermon Notes - Who Is on the Lord's Side?
Exodus 33:18-23 God's Glory and His Goodness
Exodus 33:7 The Tabernacle-Outside the Camp (Pdf)
Exodus 33:14 Choice Food for Pilgrims to Canaan
Exodus 33:18 A View of God's Glory
Exodus 33:19 Election No Discouragement to Seeking Souls
Exodus 34:14 A Jealous God
Exodus 34:29-35 The Shining Face of Moses