The Five Points of Calvinism

© William J. Baldwin - 8-22-97

This is a list of proof texts only for the Five Points of Calvinism. I have put in a minimum of explanatory notes. This document, or any part of it, may be copied and distributed freely. The only thing you may not do without my permission is offer these notes for sale, whether individually or as part of a package.

Since these are proof texts only, it is expected that the user will be familiar with the 5 points already via another source.

These proof texts have been quoted from the New King James version of Scripture.

A word of caution: I have been reluctant to publicize this due to the poor character of many so-called Calvinists. I have met more such than I care to count who are belligerently and arrogantly Calvinistic. These very doctrines which ought to produce in us the greatest humility have, too often, been sown by the wayside. The birds of the air have eaten the kernels and left the husks. There will be no advancement of true doctrine if its advocates are disputatious, proud, rude, and more concerned with winning the debate than winning their brother. Or if they are concerned with winning their brother at any cost, even the cost of brotherhood itself should they fail.

I say this almost despairing, because I was once disputatious, proud, and rude concerning these doctrines. Yet, at that time, I would have read and heartily approved of the above paragraph. I would even have felt I'd taken that paragraph's admonitions to heart. Indeed, I had heard such admonitions, sometimes from those who seemed, in retrospect, to be in need of such exhortation themselves. And having heard them, it may even be that I became imperceptibly gentler.

But it wasn't enough.

Still I would have been characterized as arrogant and dogmatic. Because I was. Please, if a man levels that charge against you, believe him. Don't assume he's just attacking your character because he has no answer for your invincible doctrines. That is an arrogant attitude indeed. Perhaps you have it. I know I did, and, alas! sometimes still do.

I needed and need to love not the doctrines, but the Christ of whom they spoke. And so do you, dear reader. Do not study these things so that you know how to refute. Study them so you will believe, and believing, have life.

Without further ado, here they are in the familiar TULIP acronym:

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