Sermons on Genesis

by Alexander Maclaren

Genesis 1:26-2:3 The Vision of Creation

Genesis 3:1-15 How Sin Came In

Genesis 3:24 Eden Lost and Restored

Genesis 4:3-16 The Growth and Power of Sin

Genesis 4:7 What Crouches at the Door

Genesis 5:22; Genesis 17:1 With, Before, After

Genesis 5:24 The Course and Crown of a Devout Life

Genesis 6:9-22 The Saint Among Sinners

Genesis 8:1-22 Clear Shining after Rain

Genesis 9:8-17 The Sign for Man and the Remembrancer for God

Genesis 12:1-9 An Example of Faith

Genesis 12:5 Abram and the Life of Faith

Genesis 12:6, 7 Coming In

Genesis 12:6, 7 The Man of Faith

Genesis 12:8 Life in Canaan

Genesis 13:1-13 The Importance of a Choice

Genesis 14:13 Abram the Hebrew

Genesis 15:5-18 God’s Covenant with Abram

Genesis 15:1 The Word that Scatters Fear

Genesis 15:6 Faith and Righteousness

Genesis 17:1-9 Waiting Faith Rewarded and Strengthened by New Revelations

Genesis 17:18 A Petulant Wish

Genesis 18:l6-33 Because of His Importunity

Genesis 19:15-26 The Intercourse of God and His Friend The Swift Destroyer

Genesis 22:1-14 Faith Tested and Crowned

Genesis 22:14 The Crowning Test and Triumph of Faith: Jehovah-Jireh

Genesis 24:27 Guidance in the Way

Genesis 25:8 The Death of Abraham

Genesis 25:27-34 A Bad Bargain

Genesis 25:34 Pottage versus Birthright

Genesis 26:12-25 The First Apostle of Peace at Any Price

Genesis 28:10-22 The Heavenly Pathway and the Earthly Heart

Genesis 32:1, 2 Mahanaim: the Two Camps

Genesis 32:9-12 The Twofold Wrestle—God’s with Jacob and Jacob’s with God

Genesis 35:1 A Forgotten Vow

Genesis 37:1-11 The Trials and Visions of Devout Youth

Genesis 37:23-36 Man’s Passions and God’s Purpose

Genesis 40:1-15 Goodness in a Dungeon

Genesis 41:38-48 Joseph, the Prime Minister

Genesis 45:1-15 Recognition and Reconciliation

Genesis 47:1-12 Joseph, the Pardoner and Preserver Growth by Transplanting

Genesis 47:9; Genesis 48:15, 16 Two Retrospects of One Life

Genesis 49:23, 24 The Hands of the Mighty God of Jacob

Genesis 49:24 The Shepherd, the Stone of Israel

Genesis 50:14-26 A Calm Evening, Promising a Bright Morning

Genesis 50:25 Joseph’s Faith

Genesis 50:26 A Coffin in Egypt