Genesis: A Devotional Commentary

by H Griffith-Thomas

 London: Religious Tract Society - 1908

Griffith-Thomas is an Anglican and an Dispensationalist. James Rosscup ranks this as the #1 devotional commentary on Genesis. Rosscup writes " the notes by W. H. Griffith-Thomas, Through the Pentateuch Chapter By Chapter... will be a warm devotional help."



Genesis 1 The Creation

Genesis 2 The Foundations of Human Life

Genesis 3 The Fall

Genesis 4 Cain and Abel

Genesis 4:1-15 Human Progress

Genesis 6:9-22 Before the Flood

Genesis 7 At the Flood

Genesis 8 After the Flood

Genesis 9:1-17 The New Era

Genesis 9:18-29 A Believer's Fall

Genesis 10 A Wide Outlook

Genesis 11:1-9 The Tower of Babel

Genesis 11:10-12:9 The Call of Abraham

Genesis 12:10-13:4 The Testing

Genesis 13:5-18 The Separation

Genesis 14:1-16 A New Emergency

Genesis 14:17-24 The Test of Victory

Genesis 15:1-6 The Great Encouragement

Genesis 15:7-21 The Confirmation of Faith

Genesis 16 A False Step

Genesis 17 The Covenant Renewed

Genesis 18:1-21 Fellowship with God

Genesis 18:22-23-19:27-29 The Ministry of Intercession

Genesis 19 The Story of Lot

Genesis 20 The Old Sin Repeated

Genesis 21:1-21 Joy and Sorrow

Genesis 21:22-34 The Daily Round

Genesis 22:1-19 The Supreme Crisis

Genesis 23 Death in the Hoe

Genesis 24:1-9-25:1-10 The Evening of Life

Genesis 24:10-67 The Model Servant

Genesis The Father of the Faithful - Abraham

Genesis 25:11-28 The Birth of Jacob

Genesis 25:29-34 The Birthright

Genesis 26:1-33 Isaac

Genesis 27:1-40 The Blessing

Genesis 27:41-28:9 Interlude

Genesis 28:10-22 Bethel

Genesis 29:1-30 The New Life

Genesis 29:31-30:43 In the Shadows

Genesis 31:1-55 Turning Homewards

Genesis 32:1-23 God's Host for Man's Help

Genesis 32:24-32 Peniel: The Face of God

Genesis 33:1-20 After Peniel

Genesis 34:1-31 Results of Unfaithfulness

Genesis 35:1-15 Bethel at Last

Genesis 35:8, 16-29 The School of Sorrow

Genesis 36:1-8 "A Profane Person"

Genesis 37 Joseph's Early Life

Genesis 38 A Family Shame

Genesis 39 In Egypt

Genesis 40 In Prison

Genesis 41:1-40 Exaltation

Genesis 41:41-52 The Prime Minister

Genesis 42 The Awakening Conscience

Genesis 43, 44 Divine Discipline

Genesis 45 Reconciliation

Genesis 46:1-30 Into Egypt

Genesis 46:31-47:12 The New Home

Genesis 47:13-26 A Wise Ruler

Genesis 47:27-48:22 A Life's Sunset

Genesis 49:1-27 Father and Sons

Genesis 49:28-50:14 Light At Eventide

Genesis 50:15-26 Joseph's Later Life

Thou Worm Jacob

A Fruitful Bough

A Type of Christ