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Which Comes First in the Order of Nature: Faith or Repentance?

In Thomas Boston's work "The Necessity of Repentance", he clearly articulates that faith precedes repentance in the order of nature. Although the grace of faith and repentance are bestowed simultaneously in time, faith is described as the "spring and source of repentance." This implies that in the spiritual regeneration of an individual, the act of believing in Christ inherently comes before the act of repentance.

What About John 3:16?

Perhaps the biggest weapon the Arminian attempt to use in their arsenal against Calvinists is John 3:16, especially the word "whosoever" when matched up with the word "world". But when we take a little closer look at the passage we discover they must read into it some assumptions that simply are not there.  Let's take a look. 

The word "whosoever" in John 3:16 translates from the Greek phrase "πᾶς ὁ πιστεύων" (pas ho pisteuōn). Let's break this down:

Overwhelming Odds

One scene that left an indelible impression upon my mind was in the movie adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic, "The Lord of the Rings," the Battle of Helm's Deep, also known as the Battle of the Hornburg, where it vividly portrays a scene of desperate defense against overwhelming odds. It's a pivotal moment in "The Two Towers," the second volume of the trilogy.

More on Mixed Fabrics and the Gospel


Have you read the bible? Even wearing mixed fabrics is a sin in your little book. If hell was real, everyone would be going there. That's not love.


Greek, Hebrew and Postmodern Perceptions of the Body.

All perspectives, whether ancient Greek, Hebrew, or contemporary postmodern, are undergirded by certain metaphysical and religious presuppositions. These foundational beliefs shape how individuals and societies understand the nature of human identity, particularly in relation to the body and soul.

Measuring the True Condition of our Hearts

Online Comment:

"No matter what Christianity has taught me throughout my life about my heart being desperately wicked... I know this is not true. My heart is really big and full of love. The same love we think Jesus had for those who he is said to have died for, selfless devotion, this is something that I think we all carry for people we love. The hate for this world and hate of this life is against everything I knew intuitively as a child, though Christian theology tried to tell me otherwise."


How to Deal with Anger or Desire for Revenge

Say I become angry unadvisedly or desire to revenge wrongs done to me. How may I remedy this sin?

Against unjust anger or a private desire for revenge, meditate on the following:

  1. Consider that injuries happen to us by the Lord's appointment for our good (2 Samuel 16:10).

  2. Reflect on God's great goodness in forgiving us far more sins than we could ever forgive in others.

  3. Remember that Christian love dictates that we forgive others.