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What are Your Personal Theological Convictions?

Bibliology-  The Bible alone is the Word of God. (Inspired, Inerrant)
Church Government- Presbyterian.
Covenant Theology - Classic
Theology Proper- Trinitarian
Christology- Hypostatic Union (Solus Christus)
Pnuematology- Effectual Calling of the Holy Spirit. Monergistic Regeneration.
Epistemology- Propositional Revelation
Hermeneutics- Grammatical Historical.
Soteriology- Justification by Grace Alone through Faith in Christ Alone
Anthropolgy- Total Human Depravity (Bondage of the will)
Charismata- Cessationist.

Sovereignty, Free Will and Salvation

by Charles Hodge

The Decrees of God

HERE you come to one of the watersheds of doctrine. The question of the decrees divides Evangelical Christians into two great camps, Calvinistic and Arminian, the point of difference being in effect this—as to whether God’s decrees are determined by Himself, or by something out of Himself.

The Unity of God’s Plan

The Many Benefits of eBooks

  • :eBooks are the only way for most people in developing countries to get access to sound theology and other good literature.
  • You can find a lot of old books online in eBook format that can't be found in stores any more.
  • Borrowing them from the library, or downloading them free on Monergism without ever having to leave your home is one of the greatest things ever. 
  • Rather than carry 50 pounds of books with you on vacation, you can bring a whole library of books on your kindle or smart phone.

Puritan Treasures

Puritan Paperbacks in the public domain already available on Monergism in eBook formats. 

Two Paperbacks are original works, and not in the public domain, those are "A Puritan Golden Treasury," and "All things made New" by John Flavel. Those cannot be made into eBooks. 

What does it mean to be “Reformed”?

by Brandon Solberg

Historically Reformed

– Affirm the great “sola’s” (Latin for “only”) of the Reformation.

Sola Gratia…Grace Alone
Sola Fide…Faith Alone
Solus Christus…Christ Alone
Sola Scriptura…Scripture Alone
Soli Deo Gloria…To the Glory of God Alone

To summarize, salvation by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, according to the Scriptures Alone, to the Glory of God Alone.