What Went Wrong with the YRR/New Calvinism Movement?

What Went Wrong with the YRR/New Calvinism Movement?

1. Not rooted in the historic reformed tradition

2. Eschews scholasticism entirely.

3. Myopic focus on "five points of Calvinism" to the detriment of covenant theology which undergirds the entirety of the canons of dordt.

4. Autonomous churches with a tendency not toward congregationalism but de facto episcopalianism with none of the safeguards of either system.

5. Church growth prioritized over church health.

6. Lack of conversation with classical Christian theism in favor of individual ingenuity of particular theologians.

7. Church celebrity culture.

8. Turning everything into something "gospel-centered", but having barely much besides "gospel-centered" as a feature. Also, what does "gospel-centered" even mean?

9. Evangelical book industrial complex. Why do we have so many books about the same things over and over and over and why do we have to keep buying them?

10. Conversations about gender roles and relations becoming mostly focused on authority and submission. And sometimes entirely skirting hard questions because of it.

11. Really crappy forms of Trinitarianism.

12. "Multi-site" and "church campus"

13. Setting up young and restless men in places of authority before they have matured.

14. The fear of being culturally irrelevant.


HT: Posted with permission by Nick Visel