Morning Devotion: The Strength of the Lord

Morning Devotion: The Strength of the Lord

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might." — Ephesians 6:10

As we arise this morning, let us fix our hearts upon the strength that comes from our Lord. The apostle Paul, in his wisdom, calls us to courage, not by our own might but by the power of the Lord. He knew well that a heart burdened with fear and apprehension is not fit for the battles that lay ahead. Just as an army that has been scattered by a sudden alarm finds it difficult to regroup, so does a soul gripped by fear struggle to stand firm. Thus, Paul's exhortation, "Be strong in the Lord," is a divine call to lift our spirits, not through our own efforts, but through trust in the Almighty.

Consider the soldier preparing for battle. He does not draw courage from his own frailty but from the strength of his commander. Similarly, our battles are not won by our prowess but by the Lord's power. When the enemy seems overwhelming—numerous, strong, and well-equipped—our hearts may falter. Yet, Paul encourages us to march forward with undaunted courage, for the victory depends not on our skill but on the Lord's might.

In the scripture, we find many calls to courage: "Be strong and courageous" (2 Chronicles 32:7) and "Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong" (Isaiah 35:4). This courage is not mere human bravery but a divine fortitude that unites all the powers of our soul for the battles we face. Every act of a Christian requires valour. To pray earnestly, to obey faithfully, to stand firm in truth—these are all acts of courage.

Prayer, often seen as a humble duty, requires a princely spirit. Jacob, in his wrestling with God, displayed a noble boldness. Unlike the carnal man whose prayers are weak and fleeting, the Christian comes before God with a boldness born of faith, wrestling with the Almighty for a blessing despite his own sins and the accusations of the law.

The Christian life is a continual warfare, filled with many difficulties. Each step towards heaven is contested, each act of obedience challenged. Only a few noble souls, willing to take heaven by force, are fit for this calling. We must wage an irreconcilable war against our bosom sins, those dearest to our hearts. Just as Abraham was called to offer up Isaac, so are we called to sacrifice our most cherished sins.

This requires a profound resolution. Our sins plead for their lives, offering excuses and promises. Yet, we must act with the decisiveness of a warrior, rejecting all pleas and executing the sentence of mortification upon them. This is a task that even the world's valiant warriors often fail at, showing themselves cowards before their own sinful desires.

Let us also remember that the Christian walk is singular, distinct from the world. We are called not to conform to the corrupt customs around us but to stand firm in our holy calling, regardless of the ridicule or persecution we may face. True courage is seen in our willingness to bear the shame and suffer for Christ's sake.

Finally, in moments of spiritual darkness, when God seems distant, let us trust in His name and stay upon our God. It is this holy boldness of faith that carries us through, enabling us to persevere to the end.

Beloved, let this day be marked by a renewed courage in the Lord. Draw strength not from yourself but from the Almighty. Stand firm in the face of all trials, knowing that the Captain of our salvation leads us, and in His strength, we are more than conquerors.

Evening Devotion: Enduring Courage

As the day draws to a close, reflect upon the courage that sustains us in our Christian journey. The morning's battles may have left us weary, yet the call remains: "Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might." It is in the quiet of the evening that we gather our strength once more, not from our own reserves, but from the endless well of the Lord's might.

Consider the perseverance required in our faith. Many begin with zeal, but few continue with steadfastness. The Christian's course is not a sprint but a marathon, demanding continual effort and unwavering resolve. Like soldiers who must keep their armor on at all times, we must remain vigilant in our walk with God, never relaxing our spiritual discipline.

Our strength lies not in our own abilities but in the grace and power of our Lord. As we rest tonight, let our hearts be filled with the assurance that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion. The battles of today may be fierce, but the victory is assured in Christ.

Take heart, dear saints, and be strong. The Lord is our strength and our shield. As we sleep, may our souls find rest in the mighty power of our God, ready to rise with renewed courage for the battles of tomorrow.



Devotion based on concepts from chapter 1 of The Christian in Complete Armour, by William Guranll