June 24—Morning—Revelation 8:3

June 24—Morning—Revelation 8:3

"And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints, upon the golden altar which was before the throne."—Revelation 8:3

My soul, behold this mighty Angel, even thy Jesus, in his priestly office. Look at him with an earnest eye of faith before thou goest this morning to the mercy seat. See his golden censer, with his much incense, and contemplate both the fullness of merit in his own glorious Person, and the fullness of efficacy in his work and righteousness for the sure acceptance of all his redeemed.

Go near, my soul, having boldness to enter now into the holiest by the blood of Jesus. Hear thy great High Priest bidding thee to take shelter under his golden censer, and behold him presenting thy person and thy poor offerings upon the golden altar, even his divine nature, before the throne.

Yes, Lord! I would draw nigh in thee, and by thee, convinced that it is wholly from thee, and for thy sake, either my person or my prayers can find acceptance. For thee, and for thy sake, my sins are pardoned, my offerings are accepted, grace is bestowed, communion and fellowship are obtained; peace in this life, and glory in that which is to come, are the portion of thy people.

Hail, thou glorious, gracious, all-sufficient High Priest! To thee be glory in the church, throughout all ages. Amen-----


Source: Robert Hawker: The Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portion.


Going Deeper - Meditations on Hawker's Devotion

"Go near, my soul, having boldness to enter now into the holiest by the blood of Jesus." As you approach the sacred presence of our holy God, let your heart be filled with the awe of the privilege bestowed upon you. The veil that once separated the sinful from the Divine has been torn asunder by the sacrifice of Christ. No longer must we stand afar off, trembling in fear of our unworthiness; for the blood of Jesus has cleansed us, granting us access into the very heart of divine communion. This boldness is not of our own making, but is a gift of grace, secured through the perfect obedience and atoning death of our Lord. In this holy boldness, let us draw near with full assurance of faith, knowing that our great High Priest intercedes for us, presenting our prayers and praises before the Father. With reverence and gratitude, let us embrace this profound privilege, entering into the holiest with confidence, as beloved children welcomed into the arms of their Heavenly Father.

"Hear thy great High Priest bidding thee to take shelter under his golden censer, and behold him presenting thy person and thy poor offerings upon the golden altar, even his divine nature, before the throne." As you listen to the call of your High Priest, let your soul find solace under the protection of His golden censer, which signifies His perfect intercession. Picture Him, the Son of God, standing before the throne, lifting your frail and humble offerings to the Father. Every prayer, every act of devotion, though marred by human imperfection, is purified and made acceptable through His divine nature. This wondrous scene reveals the heart of the gospel: our unworthiness clothed in His righteousness, our meagre gifts transformed by His infinite merit. In this divine transaction, the grace of Christ envelops us, drawing us near to the Father's heart. Let this vision fill you with both humility and confidence, knowing that it is through Him alone that we find our acceptance and peace. Rejoice in the knowledge that our great High Priest continuously presents us before the throne, perfect and complete in His sight.

"Yes, Lord! I would draw nigh in thee, and by thee, convinced that it is wholly from thee, and for thy sake, either my person or my prayers can find acceptance." In this profound acknowledgment, we see the essence of our faith and devotion. As we approach the throne of grace, let our hearts be fully aware that our nearness to God is not of our own doing, but entirely the work of Christ. It is through His sacrifice, His righteousness, and His unending intercession that we find the courage to draw near. Every step towards God, every whispered prayer, is enveloped in the merit of Christ. Our acceptance is not based on our worthiness but on His infinite grace and love. This understanding should humble us deeply, while simultaneously filling us with an unwavering assurance. For in Christ, our imperfect selves and our feeble prayers are made perfect and pleasing before the Father. Let this truth anchor our souls, reminding us daily that our communion with God is a gift of His grace, secured and sustained by our Redeemer.

"For thee, and for thy sake, my sins are pardoned..." In this glorious truth, we behold the heart of the gospel: the unfathomable grace of God extended to us not because of our merit, but solely for the sake of Christ. Our sins, which once stood as an insurmountable barrier between us and our holy God, have been cast into the depths of the sea, covered by the precious blood of the Lamb. It is for His sake that divine justice is satisfied and mercy is lavishly poured out upon us. Let this assurance of pardon flood our hearts with gratitude and humility, knowing that our forgiveness is a testament to the perfect obedience and sacrificial love of Jesus. In Him, we find the assurance that every transgression is blotted out, every iniquity forgiven, and we are clothed in His righteousness. May this profound realization lead us to deeper worship and a life of holiness, as we rest in the unshakeable truth that our pardon is secure in Christ, for His sake and His glory.

"My offerings are accepted." In these words lies the profound comfort and assurance that our acts of worship, service, and devotion, though marred by human frailty, find acceptance before the throne of God through Christ. It is not the worthiness of our offerings that makes them pleasing, but the perfect merit of our Mediator. When we present our prayers, our praise, and our works, they are purified and perfected by His intercession. Just as the incense rising from the golden censer before the altar symbolizes the sweet aroma of Christ’s righteousness, so do our offerings, mingled with His infinite merit, rise as a fragrant offering to God. This truth liberates us from the fear of inadequacy and fills us with a bold confidence to serve and worship with sincere hearts. Knowing that our imperfect offerings are made perfect in Him, we can approach God with joy and gratitude, assured that in Christ, every act of devotion is treasured and every sacrifice is valued. Let this assurance inspire us to live lives of wholehearted worship, ever mindful that our acceptance is rooted in the unchanging grace of our glorious Saviour.

"Grace is bestowed." In these simple yet profound words, we encounter the heart of God's immeasurable kindness and mercy towards us. Grace, unmerited and freely given, flows from the throne of our sovereign God, reaching us in our deepest need. It is through this grace that we are called out of darkness into His marvellous light, transformed from enemies to beloved children. Grace does not merely offer us forgiveness but empowers us to live holy and obedient lives, reflecting the character of our Saviour. This divine favour, bestowed upon us through Christ, assures us that every good and perfect gift we receive is from above. As we meditate on this truth, let our hearts overflow with gratitude and humility, recognizing that all we are and all we have is because of His grace. Let us be ever mindful of the boundless generosity of our God, who lavishes His grace upon us day by day, enabling us to walk in His ways and to reflect His glory in our lives. May this awareness inspire us to extend the same grace to others, becoming conduits of His love and mercy in a world in desperate need of His touch.

"Communion and fellowship are obtained." In these words, we find the essence of our relationship with God and with one another, granted through the work of Christ. Communion with God, the deepest and most intimate fellowship, is now our privilege because of the reconciling blood of Jesus. This sacred relationship, once fractured by sin, is restored, allowing us to approach the Father with boldness and assurance. Through Christ, we are not only united to God but also to one another, forming a holy community bound by His love. In this fellowship, we share in each other's joys and sorrows, bearing one another's burdens, and growing together in grace. Our unity with Christ extends to His body, the church, where we find encouragement, support, and the mutual edification necessary for spiritual growth. Let us cherish this divine gift of communion and fellowship, nurturing our relationship with God through prayer, worship, and the study of His Word, and fostering our relationships with each other through acts of love, service, and genuine care. In these sacred bonds, we taste the foretaste of the eternal fellowship that awaits us in the presence of our glorious Redeemer.

"Peace in this life, and glory in that which is to come, are the portion of thy people." This divine promise anchors our souls in the midst of life's tempests and points us toward the radiant hope of eternity. The peace we experience here is not the fragile peace of the world, but the deep, abiding shalom of God, granted through our reconciliation with Him by the blood of Christ. This peace transcends circumstances, guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, providing a steadfast refuge amidst trials and tribulations. Yet, this is but a foretaste. The glory that awaits us is beyond our full comprehension, a weight of eternal splendor that far surpasses our present sufferings. As heirs with Christ, we look forward to a future where we will share in His glory, transformed into His likeness and enjoying unbroken fellowship with our Creator. This dual inheritance of peace now and glory to come fuels our perseverance, inspires our worship, and strengthens our hope. Let us live in light of this glorious reality, finding rest in the peace He provides today and eagerly anticipating the incomparable glory that awaits us in His eternal kingdom.