He shall gather the lambs with his arm

He shall gather the lambs with his arm

"He shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom." — Isaiah 40:11.

My soul, mark in this sweet scripture how Jesus is described, in not only attending to all the various needs of his flock but also addressing their specific needs in a manner corresponding to his own character and their condition. In the fold of Jesus, like the sheepfold among men, some are sheep and some are lambs: some of advanced age, and some of younger standing.

Well, where will Jesus put the lambs and the weaklings of his fold? Certainly, if there be one place in the heart of Jesus softer and more tender than another, there the lambs shall lie. And as Jesus himself lay in the bosom of his Father, so the lambs of his flock shall lie in his bosom. Sweet thought to encourage thee, my soul, and all the followers of Christ! Jesus will not thrust out the lambs into the dangers of the wilderness, where the prowling beasts of prey are, nor expose them to over-driving, or the speed with which the more mature sheep can travel.

But he will proportion their burden to their back, and their day to their strength. And besides this, he will keep them nearer to himself; his arms shall clasp them; the warmth of his bosom shall nourish them; if they cannot walk, they shall be carried; and when they cannot find their way, they shall be led.

Oh thou great Shepherd of thy sheep, is it thus thou sweetly dealest with thy little ones? Hence I see then explained why it is that young believers, in the first seasons of their knowledge of thee, find so many blessed refreshings, which they afterwards do not so sensibly enjoy. Yes, Lord, it is thus thou gatherest the lambs and carriest them in thy bosom. And sweetly and seasonably dost thou do all this, and in a way which fully proves thy love and compassion to the necessities of thy flock.


Sourcew: The Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portion by Robert Hawker - June 16—Morning—Isaiah 40:11