Comfort to Sinners Who Come to Christ

Comfort to Sinners Who Come to Christ

If God has made you, a great sinner, the object of his mercy, you may be assured of: 

1. Continuation of his love. He pardoned you when you were an enemy, will he leave you now that you are his friend? He loved you when you had erased his image and picture to a great extent from your soul, will he hate you now that he has restored that image and drawn it with fresh colours? He justified you when you were ungodly, and will he cast you off since he has been at such pains for you and written in you a counterpart of his own divine nature in the work of grace? Were his compassions first moved when you had no grace, and will they not sound louder since you have grace? Would a father embrace his son when his garments smelled of swine, and cast him off after he has put on him a royal robe? Will Pharaoh's daughter pity Moses when he is in the ark and scorn him when he is dressed?

2. Supplies of his grace. You had a rich present of his grace sent to you when you could not pray for it, and will he not much more give you whatever is needful when you call upon him? He found you when you did not seek him, and will he hide himself from you when you are inquiring after him? A wise builder does not begin a work when he is not able to finish it. God considered, before he began with you, what charge you would stand him in, both of merit in Christ and grace in you; so the grace he has given you is not only a mercy to you, but an obligation on himself, since his credit is engaged to complete it. You have more unanswerable arguments to plead before him than you had, namely his Son, his truth, his promise, his grace, his name, wherein you had not the least interest. To what purpose has God called and marked you if he does not intend to supply you with as much grace as shall bring you to glory? To what purpose should a creditor forgive part of a debt and lay the debtor in prison for the other part? Has God given you Christ, and will he detain anything else? Supplies of wants, grants of anything you desire, are but as a few grains of pepper that the grocer puts in as an overplus to many pounds.

3. Strength against corruptions. Can small obstacles stand against him who has levelled mountains? Can a few clouds withstand the melting force of the sun, which has dissolved those black mists that covered the sky? Similarly, the remains of your corruption cannot stand up against his power, which has thrown down the great hills of the sins of your natural condition and has dissolved the thick fogs of your unregeneracy. You cannot doubt his strength or his love; love delights in doing the greatest things, and he has already done the greatest, so will he not also do the least? When Moses killed the Egyptian, it is said that he 'supposed his brethren would have understood that God intended by his hand to deliver them,' Acts 7:25. Moses was a type of Christ: if Christ overthrew a whole army of Egyptians that not only pursued you but also kept you in slavery, and he overturned them all in the Red Sea, would you not take notice that he intends to be your deliverer from the scattered troops of them?

- Stephen Charnock, The Chief Sinners Objects of the Choicest Mercy