14 Ways that God is Far More Excellent than Men

14 Ways that God is Far More Excellent than Men

God is awesome in all the ways the deepest recesses of our souls long to be awestruck. Here are fourteen ways that God is a far more excellent object of awe than the images we see in the mirror: 

1. God never lies or breaks promises. We do.

2. God is not bound by time, but sees it all—past, present, and future—with perfect clarity. He was here long before us, even before time existed, which is one of His ideas. We are stuck in this moment, hazy about much of the past and oblivious to much of the future. 

3. God is self-existent, requiring no one to bring him into being or keep him alive. We needed a mother and a father to bring us into existence. We need oxygen, food, water, and (for some of you) caffeine to continue existing.

4. God is sovereign, enthroned over the entire universe, Lord over galaxies, nations, and subatomic particles. We might pretend to be sovereign, but our control over the world is a pipedream.  

5. God is not bound by space; He is present everywhere. We are where we are right now, circumscribable. We could draw ten foot circles around one another and say truly, “This circle contains you.”

6. God is infinitely satisfying. Our best attempts to be the source of ultimate satisfaction for others will leave us all exhausted, jaded, and disillusioned. 

7. God is the supreme Artist who thought up glowing space nebulae, Technicolor sunsets, the flavor of watermelon and coffee beans, the melodies of songbirds, the kaleidoscopic patterns in a human iris, and everything else beautiful in creation. We are created to be creative like Him, but for all of our most sublime artistic feats, He is the true Master.

8. God can create ex nihilo by an act of sheer artistic willpower. We can only create from pre-existing stuff. 

9. God is gracious and merciful, bestowing ill-deserved favor on His creatures. We can be petty, grudge-harboring, and spiteful. We need grace to draw our next breaths. 

10. God knows all things and His wisdom is boundless. He can never learn, be surprised, or fit fully into the boxes of finite minds. For us, the universe is full of question marks, and the more we know the more we realize we don’t know. 

11. God is one Being who exists eternally as three equal and inter-loving Persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As such, God has always been engaged in interpersonal loving community in His very Being, and He invites you into that love. Our love as humans can be beautiful and authentic but it pales in comparison to the infinite love we are offered in the Triune God. 

12. God feels perfectly. He is never temperamental, moody, or overcome by wild emotions. Our emotions often vacillate and fall out of sync with reality. 

13. God is holy, transcending all sin, evil, and injustice. We slip into sin more times a day than we can count. 

14. God is infinitely and altogether awesome. We are not. 



Thaddeus Williams