The Life of Justification Opened (eBook)

by John Brown of Wamphray

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Or, A Treatise grounded upon Gal. 2:11. Wherein the Orthodox Doctrine of Justification by Faith, & Imputation of Christ's Righteousness, is clearly expounded, solidly confirmed, & learnedly vindicated from the various Objections of its Adversaries. Whereunto are subjoined some Arguments against Universal Redemption.

By that Faithful and Learned Servant of Jesus Christ Mr. JOHN BROUN, sometimes Minister of the Gospel at Wamfrey in Scotland.

JER. 23:6. In His dayes JUDAH shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is His name whereby He shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The Doctrine of Justification cannot but be acknowledged by all, whose thoughts are taken up about an interest in everlasting felicity, to be of great concernment; & debates or Controversies about the same cannot be esteemed vaine & fruitless Digladiations, & Disputes about a thing of naught; seing in this lyeth the Ground of all our Hop, peace, & Eternal Salvation; & a Mistake or Errour, as to the Theorie in this matter, followed with an answerable & corresponding practice, (I meane as to what toucheth the heart & Substance of this Divine Mystery) may, yea must of necessity, prove not only dangerous to Souls; but even inevitably destructive. Wherefore it cannot be justly accounted blame worthy, that Churches & particular persons, who would be faithful (& so accounted) unto the grand-interests of Souls, contend, with alle earnestness, for the faith once delivered to the Saints, in this particular; this being the true Basis of all Religion, & of Christianity; without which there can be no access to, nor Communion with, God; No peace with God, nor true peace in our own Consciences; no life of Comfort here, nor true hope of Salvation for ever here after; No change of State, nor saving change of life & conversation; in a word, no life of Grace here, nor of Glory hereafter: And what then must follow upon the corrupting of this Truth, & upon Erroneous Apprehensions & practices herein, is aboundantly obvious to all such, as have not sinned away all sense & consideration, in these matters. 



CHAP. I. The Introduction to the Work, and the Text Gal 3:11. opened up 

CHAP. II. Naturally we are inclined to cry up Self in Justification 

CHAP. III. The Doctrine of Justification should be kept pure with all diligence; and what dangerous expressions should be shunned 

CHAP. IV. Justification is so contrived in the Gospel, as man may be abased, and have no ground of boasting 

CHAP. V. In Justification there is a state of Life 

CHAP. VI. What mysteries are in Justification 

CHAP. VII. Justification through the Imputed Righteousness of Christ, cleared out of the Old Testament, & the passages vindicated from the exceptions of JOHN GOODWINE 

CHAP. VIII. Some passages out of the New Test. confirming the Imputation of Christ's Righteousness, vindicated from the exceptions of JOHN GOODWINE 

CHAP. IX. Othen passages of the New Test. briefly mentioned, which plead for the Imputation of Christ's Righteousness 

CHAP. X. Some Arguments for the Imputation of Christ's Righteousness, vindicated from the exceptions of Mr. JOHN GOODWINE 

CHAP. XI. Objections taken out of Scripture by Mr. GOODWINE against the Imputation of the Righteousness of Christ unto Justification, Answered 

CHAP. XII. Some other Objections, proposed by JOHN GOODWINE, examined 

CHAP. XIII. Mr. BAXTER'S opinion, concerning Imputation, examined 

CHAP. XIV. How Christ is our Suretie, & what Mr. BAXTER saith as to this, examined 

CHAP. XV. Mr. BAXTER'S Answers to some of our Arguments for Imputation, examined 

CHAP. XVI. Mr. BAXTER'S further opposition to the Imputation of Christ's Righteousness examined 

CHAP. XVII. Reasons enforcing the practice of the Truth vindicated 

CHAP. XVIII. Some of the Duties of such, as live the life of Justification, proposed 

CHAP. XIX. Of the life of Justification, as to its continuance 

CHAP. XX. The State of Justification remaineth, notwithstanding after-sins, & punishments 

CHAP. XXI. Justification is by Faith, what this Faith is? and how it is wrought? 

CHAP. XXII. Our act of Faith is not imputed to us as a Righteousness 

CHAP. XXIII. Some Argum. against the Imput. of Faith vindicated from the exceptions of J. G. 

CHAP. XXIV. The Imputation of Faith it self is not proved from Rom. 4:5 

CHAP. XXV. Faith is not our Gospel-Righteousness 

CHAP. XXVI. Christ did not procure, by his death, the New Covenant, or the terms thereof 

CHAP. XXVII. How Faith is, & may be called a Condition of the New Cov. & of Justification, how not? 

CHAP. XXVIII. How Faith is and may be called an Instrument? 

CHAP. XXIX. What interest Repentance hath in our Justification: & that it is no Condition of the same 

CHAP. XXX. Whether Love, purpose of New Obedience, or Perseverance be Conditions of Justification 

CHAP. XXXI. Gospel-Obedience is not the Condition of Justification 

CHAP. XXXII. Of the Object of Justifying Faith 

CHAP. XXXIII. The Righteousness of Christ is the special Object of Faith in Justification 

CHAP. XXXIV. Faith in Justification respecteth not in a special manner Christ as a King but as a Priest 

CHAP. XXXV. Faith is the only Condition, on our part, of the continuance of Justification 

CHAP. XXXVI. Of the Interest of Repentance in the pardon of after-sins

The Contents of the Appendix

CHAP. I. Imputation both of Christ's Active & Passive obedience necessarie 

CHAP. II. Christ underwent the Curse of the Law 

CHAP. III. We must not lean to any Righteousness within us, whereby to be justifyed 

CHAP. IV. The Law, by the works whereof Paul denyeth that we are justifyed, is not the Jewish Law 

CHAP. V. Works excluded in Justification, are not only works done before Faith, nor perfect works required in the Law of Innocency, nor outward works only 

CHAP. VI. By works, which Paul excludeth, is not meant the merit of Works 

CHAP. VII. James 2:14. cleared & vindicated 

CHAP. VIII. No countenance given to Justification by works from Jam. 2:14. &c. 

CHAP. IX. John Forbes his Arguments against the Imputation of Christ's Active Obedience, examined, with a View of Wendelin's reasonings against it 

CHAP. X. The Fathers give Countenance to the Doctrine of Imputation, some Papists approve it 

Arguments against Universal Redemption 

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