Intro to Reformed Theology: A Calvinist Survival Guide (eBook)

Edited by John Hendryx

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"Intro to Reformed Theology: A Calvinist Survival Guide" is a comprehensive and deeply insightful exploration of Reformed theology and its principal tenets, as seen through the lens of Calvinism. The book takes its readers on a thorough journey through the rich landscape of the Reformed faith, beginning with the fundamental aspects of Reformed theology, its history, the meaning and significance of the Five Solas, and the role of man's corruption and his conversion to God.

Part II delves into a more specific analysis of Calvinism, its defense, its five crucial points, and its place in today's religious discussions. The book, then, ventures into the intricate aspects of God's sovereignty, addressing the questions of His power in the salvation of man and the diverse objections raised against this idea.

The subsequent sections meticulously examine the concepts of total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and the preservation of the saints. Each notion is meticulously dissected, illustrated by key theological figures such as C. H. Spurgeon, B. B. Warfield, and Jonathan Edwards, among others. Biblical validation, historical context, and answers to common objections are also explored to bring a more rounded understanding.

The final part of the book focuses on the "ordo salutis" or the order of salvation, a crucial concept in Reformed Theology that presents the sequence of God's redemptive plan for man. The appendices offer valuable resources such as the full text of the Canons of Dort, a categorized scripture list, and explorations of the different covenants in theology.

This is an essential read for anyone interested in comprehending the depth of Reformed Theology from a Calvinist perspective, offering detailed exposition of key doctrines while also providing the tools needed to engage with potential objections and misunderstandings. "Intro to Reformed Theology: A Calvinist Survival Guide" is an indispensable resource for students, theologians, and anyone eager to dig deeper into the richness of Reformed theology.

Table of Contents

Part I: Intro to Reformed Theology

Preface - What is Reformed Theology?
What are the Five Solas and What Do they Mean? Monergism FAQ
The Corruption of Man, His Conversion to God and the Manner Thereof by Synod of Dort
A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith by B. B. Warfield
The Reformers' Hermeneutic: Grammatical, Historical, and Christ-Centered
The Reformed Faith by Loraine Boettner
God Glorified in Man's Dependence by Jonathan Edwards
The Plan of Salvation by B. B. Warfield

Part II: Calvinism in General

A Defence of Calvinism by C. H. Spurgeon
The Five Points of Calvinism by R. L. Dabney
Calvinism Today by B. B. Warfield
More Than a Calvinist by John Newton

Part III: The Sovereignty of God

God's Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men by Jonathan Edwards
The Sole Consideration, that God Is God by Jonathan Edwards
The Sovereignty of God by John Murray
The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God John Macleod
God's Sovereignty Defined and Objections Answered by A. W. Pink
A Testimony to God's Free and Sovereign Grace by C. H. Spurgeon

Part IV: Total Depravity

What does the term “total depravity” mean, and is it biblical? John Hendryx
The Deceitfulness of the Heart by David Black (1762-1806)
Man's Utter Inability to Rescue Himself by Thomas Boston
Root, Extent and Problem by A. W. Pink
Human Inability by C. H. Spurgeon
"I Don't Want Free Will" by Martin Luther (Quote)

Part V: Unconditional Election

What does the term "Unconditional Election" mean? is it biblical? What Are Some common Objections? by Monergism
Election by J. C. Ryle
Unconditional Election by Loraine Boettner
Jacob & Esau by C. H. Spurgeon
Of Election to Everlasting Life by Thomas Boston
Electing Love by Robert Murray M'Cheyne
The Doctrine of Election by John Calvin
Letter to Wesley on Election by George Whitefield
Predestination of the Elect of God by Francis Turretin
Predestination by A. A. Hodge

Part VI: Limited Atonement / Particular Redemption

What does the term "limited atonement" mean, and does the Bible teach it? by Monergism
Scriptural Particularism by R. B. Kuiper
The Atonement by John Owen
A Defence of Particular Redemption by William Rushton
A Case for a Definite and Complete Atonement by Francis Turretin
For Whom Did Christ Die? by Charles Hodge
Limited Atonement by Loraine Boettner
Particular Redemption by C. H. Spurgeon

Part VII: Irresistible Grace

What Does the term "Irresistible Grace" Mean and Does the Bible teach it? Monergism
Irresistible Grace by John Murray
A Discourse on the Word, the Instrument of Regeneration by Stephen Charnock
The Internal and External Call by Wilhelmus a Brakel
Effectual Calling by Thomas Watson
The Relationship Between Irresistible Grace and the Atonement by John Hendryx

Part VIII: Preservation of the Saints

What Does the term "Perseverance of the Saints" mean and does the Bible teach it? Monergism FAQs
The Perseverance of the Saints by Loraine Boettner
True Grace Distinguished from the Experience of Devils by Jonathan Edwards
The Preservation of the Saints by John Samson
Can a Redeemed Person Apostasize and Be Lost? by A. W. Pink

Part IX: The Order of Salvation

What does “ordo salutis” mean, and why is it important? by Monergism
Calling and Repentance by Abraham Kuyper
The Ordo Salutis by A. A. Hodge
The Order of Application by John Murray


Canons of Dort (Full Text)
The Covenant of Redemption between the Father and the Redeemer by John Flavel
The Theology of the Reformation by B. B. Warfield
Calvinism in History by Loraine Boettner
What is the difference between the Covenant of Works, the Covenant of Grace, and the Covenant of Redemption? Monergism
Doctrines of Grace - Categorized Scripture List

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