Contemporary Reformation Theology Resources


Decisional Regeneration (.pdf)
May We Pray the Imprecatory Psalms?
Human Ability Divine Power (MP3)
Exposition of Romans (MP3 Series)


The Contemporary Church
Not Perfect Just Forgiven
Christian Unity-Cooperation or Compromise? (.pdf)
Sola Fide: Does It Really Matter?
Who Really Speaks for God?
A View of Rome - Four Part Series
Justification by Faith Alone
The Authority of Scripture
The Mad Rush to Seeker Sensitive Worship
The Unique Christ and the Modem Challenge (.pdf)
Modernity Postmodernity: What’s a Non-specialist to Do?
Why Luther? (.pdf)
The Trinity: What and Why? (.pdf)


Answering Objections: When Faith is Under Attack
Is Sola Scriptura a Protestant Concoction?
Tools of Apologetics
The Encounter of Jerusalem With Athens
Questions for Presbytery Apologetics Exam
The Problem of evil
Presuppositional Reasoning with False Faiths
Many More Essays by Bahnsen...


Covenant Theology Illustrated
God's Purpose According to Election
The All-Sufficiency of Christ
Hermeneutics & Biblical Theology
Is Bibliolatry Possible?
Thy Kingdom Come (.pdf)
Discipline in the Church: Revelation 2-3
Cult Prostitution In NT Ephesus
Wisdom & Folly
Firstborn Over All
Savior of All People: 1 Timothy 4:10 in Context


16 Puritan Biographies with Guide to Modern Reprints
Definite Atonement
The Puritans on Union with Christ, Justification, and Regeneration
The Gospel of Sovereign Grace
Justification by Faith Alone
The Puritans on Coming to Christ
The Puritans on Union with Christ, Justification, and Regeneration
Problems with Arminian Universal Redemption
Preaching God's Word
The Puritans on Regeneration
Signs of Backsliding Churches
Implementing Family Worship
Pray For Your Children’s Salvation
The Marrow of Calvinism
The Golden Age of Puritan Preaching
Richard Sibbes on Entertaining the Holy Spirit
Why You Should Read the Puritans
The Puritan View of Holiness
Cultivating Private Prayer as a Pastor
Leading Family Worship
Christ Alone
The Puritans and Their Evangelistic Model
The Gospel of Sovereign Grace
The Origins of Calvinism
The Calvinist’s Ultimate Concern
The Puritans on Coming to Christ
Faith and Assurance
Ten Commandments for Pastors
Ten Commandments for Church Members Regarding Your Pastor
Reading the Puritans
Books that have Helped Joel Beeke
More Dr. Joel R. Beeke


Whatever Happened to Heaven? (.pdf)
The Humanity of Christ (.pdf)
Where is God When Things God Wrong? (pdf)


Grace Alone
How Can I Become a Christian?
Amazing Grace: The Meaning of God's Grace -- And How It Can Change Your Life (Online Book)
The Bondage of the Will
Being the Church
What is Worship?
The Sacraments
The Sufficiency of the Word of God
Predestination and Free Will (.pdf)
A Golden Chain Of Five Links
Common Grace
Efficacious Grace
How should Christians celebrate Christmas?
On Knowing God
Our Promise Keeping God
Reformed Theology
The Five Solas of the Reformation
God’s Glory Alone – Soli Deo Gloria
The Centrality of the Cross
The New Pragmatism
Whatever Happened To God?
The Seventh Day
He Lives
The Encouragement of the Scriptures
Is it Election or Total Depravity that People Have a Problem with?
The Easy Conscience of Modern Evangelicalism
Verifying The Resurrection: Six Evidences
The Bible's Teaching About The Trinity
The Virgin Birth and History
God's Providence
Why Did God Let This Happen?
Salad Bar Sanctuaries
Alpha and Omega (.pdf)
Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy with Exposition
These Things Are Written So You May Believe
A New Family
Prophesy and the Bible
Carnal knowledge
Our Promise Keeping God


A Biblical Guide to Orthodoxy and Heresy, Part 1; Part 2
A Biblical Basis for the Doctrine of the Trinity
Cult Evangelism: Which Methods Are Effective?
Faith Has its Reasons


Gospel-Driven Sanctification (.pdf)
The Righteousness of Christ
God and Natural Disasters
Gospel Enemy #1: Self-righteousness
What is Grace?
Does Holiness Come By Striving After it or By Resting in God?


Must I Learn to Interpret the Bible? (.pdf)
The Gospel Of Jesus Christ (.pdf)
In the Beginning
What Is the Gospel?--Revisited
10 Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture in Our Lives
The Dangers & Delights of Postmodernism
What is Jesus Essential Nature?
The Tabula Rasa Fallacy
Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology by D. A. Carson
Are Christians Required to Tithe?   D.A. Carson
The Love of God and the Atonement
Two Testaments, One Story by D.A. Carson and G.K. Beale
Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel: After Dodd, What?
Adam in the Epistles of Paul
God, the bible and Spiritual Warfare
The Call of the Prophet in Declining Times
What Are Gospel Issues?
Reflections on Assurance
This Present Evil Age
Partakers of the Age to Come
The Mystery of Providence
"Silent in the Churches": On the Role of Women in 1 Corinthians 14:33b-36
The Scholar as Pastor
The Trials of Biblical Studies
Christological Ambiguities in the Gospel of Matthew
Job: Mystery and Faith
Confidence in God in Times of Danger
The Challenges of Contemporary Pluralism
Can There Be a Christian University?
Jesus and the Sabbath in the Four Gospels
Hermeneutics: A Brief Assessment of Some Recent Trends
When is Spirituality Spiritual?
The Cross Establishes the Credibility of God
Where Wrath and Mercy Meet
Worship Under the Word
A Sovereign & Personal God
The Puritans: What They Have That the Moderns Lack
The Personal God
Pastoral Pensees: Motivations to Appeal to in Our Hearers When We Preach for Conversion
Dying Well
Faith and Faithfulness
‘A Holy Nation': The Church's High Calling
Cohabiting Then Converted?
Cohabiting Then Converted?
Unity in Truth and Love
What are some of the reasons why the doctrine of penal substitution is again coming under attack?
Christian Responsibility in the Public Square
The Challenges of the Twenty-first-century Pulpit
Biblical Theology
How does a thorough knowledge of biblical theology strengthen preaching?
One Way
Love and the Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World
Atonement in Romans 3:21-26
Key Issues for Understanding Islam and Muslims
The Vindication of Imputation
Why Should Christians Think about Postmodernism?
Living Without Heaven or Hell
God is Love
God's Love and God's Sovereignty
God's Love and God's Wrath
Gospel-Centered Ministry
Why Can't We Just Read the Bible?
The Hole in the Gospel
Eight Summarizing Words on the Gospel
Jesus’s Resolve to Head toward Jerusalem - Luke 9:18–62
The Biblical Basis for Missions - 2 Corinthians 4:1-12
How to Read the Bible and Do Theology Well
Is the Church a House of Worship?
Two Testaments, One Story
Excuses For Not Praying
Thoughts on Polemical Theology
I Have No Greater Joy
Primary Sources on The Two Wills of God
The New Perspectives on Paul, Analysis and Critique
How Do We Work for Justice and Not Undermine Evangelism?
How the Bible Hangs Together
On Abusing Matthew 18
Spiritual Disciplines


Man's Will Free - Yet Bound
Joy Beyond the Cross
Preaching the Law of God
Take Up Your Cross
The Covenants of Works and the Covenants of Grace (.pdf)
The Myth of Free Will


The Splendor of the Three-in-One God
The Israel of God
The Importance of Being More Than Earnest
Limited Atonement
Against the Theology of Glory
Theses on Covenant Theology
Substance and Accidents
Divine Immensity
How Did We Come to Faith?
Principles of Reformed Worship
The Free Offer of the Gospel
The Evangelical Fall from the Means of Grace
On the New Covenant
Abraham, Moses and Baptism
When the Good News Becomes Bad
On Being Truly Postmodern
What the Bible is All About
Classic Covenant Theology


The Sovereignty of God
Saving Faith
The Ordination of Women
Classical Apologetics
Clark Speaks from the Grave
God and Logic
Time and Eternity
Determinism and Responsibility
Christian Aesthetics
The Trinity
In the Beginning
The Cosmological Argument
A Protestant World-View
The Christian and the Law
Mindless Men: Behaviorism and Christianity
1 and 2 Timothy


The Biblical Theology of the Church
The Final Temple
What is the Bible About?
Authority: The Church & The Bible
Discovering Christ in the OT
The Singing Savior (.pdf)
Preaching Christ from the Psalms (MP3s)
Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World (MP3s)
Sharing the Father's Welcome (.pdf)


Calvin & Calvinism
Evangelism and Election
Total Depravity
From Augustine to the Reformation
Irresistable Grace
Lamb of God and Lion of Judah
Limited Atonement
The Leaven of Synergism 
The Comfort of Calvinism
The Crystallization of the Theology of Grace
The Incarnation
The Great Day of Atonement
The Sinless One Becomes a Sin Offering
The Sovereignty of Grace (21 Chapter Book)
The Perseverance of the Saints
The Future of the Non-elect
Unconditional Election
When to Preach Election


Building The Biblical Theological Sermon , Part 2
Jesus & Lazarus
Life, Light, Lamb, and the Logos
Paul on the Damascas Road
The Babe and the Babes of Bethlehem
The Eschatological Aspect of Justification
The Gospel of John, an Introduction
The Righteous King, The Just Kingdom
The Sign of Jonah
John 2: Structure and Biblical Theology
What Should I Read on the Song of Solomon?
Witness to the King
Pax Romana, Pax Christi
What is Bibical Theology
The Gospel of John (26-Part Lecture Series)


Nothing But the Blood
Where'd All These Calvinists Come From? (10-Part)
Pastoral Fearmongering, Manipulation, and Hell
"God told me" and the Sufficiency of Scripture
What are the Nine Marks of a Healthy Church?


Multi-Part Series on Covenant Theology
What in the World is a Worldview?
What Happens When Christ Returns?
What Is a Christian?
Which Came First? Faith or Regeneration?
Christ Alone - Acts 4:12 & John 1:29
Faith Alone
N.T.Wright and the 'New Perspective' on Paul
More Concerns about N.T. Wright
The Attractions of the New Perspective(s) on Paul
Is Wright Teaching Another Gospel?
A Biblical Understanding of Conversion
Justification: Still the Radical Truth
Thirty Two Principles for Public Prayer
The Manhattan Declaration: A Statement from Ligon Duncan
God Gave Them Over
“Falling Away?” - Hebrews 6:4-12
Covenant Theology: A Biblical, Theological, and Historical Study Covenants (eBook)
Better: A Study of the Christian Life in Hebrews (eBook)
Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans 1-8 (eBook)
Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans 9-16 (eBook)
The Incomparable Christ: An Exposition of Colossians (eBook)
The Man Who Thought He Was Righteous (but wasn’t) and the Man Who Thought He Wasn’t (but was!) - Luke 18:9-14
“175 and Counting: God, Suffering and Evil” - Genesis 50:20
How Can God Condemn If We Can’t Resist His Will? - Romans 9:19-23
Isn’t It Unfair for God to Choose Some and Not Others? - Romans 9:14-18
Defending the Faith - Jude 1:3-4
Abraham's Faith and Ours - Romans 4:18-25
Why the Resurrection Matters
United to Christ - Romans 6:1-7
The Five Questions for Church Membership
The Ordinary Means of Growth


The Reformed View of Sanctification
Jesus is our Sanctification
Our New Affection
The Mystery of Providence - Genesis 50:20
Something to Boast About? - Romans 5:1-11
Overcoming Sin - James
Experiencing Trials
The Surprising Truth about Legalism
The Marrow Controversy
Scripture and Tradition: The Bible and Tradition in Roman Catholicism
"Little Innocents"
Discovering God's Will
New Birth
Where God Looks First
Who is the Holy Spirit? (.pdf)
The Spiritual Appetite
Jesus Christ, the Conquering King
Are Altar Calls Biblical?
The Authority, Sufficiency, Finality of Scripture
Boldy and Expectantly Leaning on the Promises
Discernment: Thinking God's Thoughts after Him
Expelling Worldliness with a New Affection
The Task of Seeking God's Mysterious Will
John Owen On The Spirit In The Life Of Christ
Medieval Mistakes
Preaching Christ from the Old Testament (outstanding)
John Owen On The Spirit In The Life Of Christ
The Ministry of Reconcilliation
Is Wright Teaching Another Gospel?
Critique of Norman Shepherd's The Covenant Context for Evangelism
What Does Justification Have to Do With the Gospel? (Critique of N.T. Wright)
How to Mortify Sin
The Practice of Mortification
The Author of Faith
Do We Deserve Heaven?
What Does it Mean to Abide in Christ?
The Use of the Law in Evangelism
Making Jesus in Our Own Image
Calvin on the Sacraments
Union with Christ
MP3 Sermon and Lecture Series'


In Defense of Something Close to Biblicism
Introduction to the Reformed Faith
Traditionalism and Sola Scriptura Part I; Part II
Does the Bible Affirm Open Theism?
Law and Gospel
Working Together
Walking Together
The Lord's Authority
Preaching Christ from the Decalogue
The Lord of Power
The Presence of the Lord
Is the Bible Inerrant?
Foreknowledge and the Free Will of Men
Preaching Christ From the Decalogue
How to Be Confident Amid Millennial Frenzies
God in Time
Free Will and Moral Responsibility
Serving One Another in Worship
Christians and Charter Schools
Does God Change His Mind?
The Bible on the Problem of Evil
Who Owns Palestine?
"Cornelius Van Til"
Dealing with Doctrinal Differences
Studying Theology as a Servant of Jesus
Political Theology in Wartime
Moral Heroism
The Claims of Christ A Sermon on John 5:16-29
“Presuppositional Apologetics, ”
“Self-Refuting Statements,”
Nursing Homes and the Fifth Command
A Theology of Opportunity:Sola Scriptura and the Great Commission, Part 2, Part 3
Unregenerate Knowledge of God (.pdf)


Christ Our High Priest In Heaven
Resurrection and Redemption
A Reformed Critique of The New Perspective
The Usefulness of The Cross
Redemption and Resurrection
The Holy Spirit & Eschatology
Biblical Theology and the Westminster Standards
Pentecost: Before and After
What about Prophecy and Tongues Today?
Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology
Challenges of the Charismatic Movement to the Reformed Tradition
Gaffin and Grudem on Ephesians 2:20
The Holy Spirit and Eschatology
Justified Now and Forever
The Historicity of Adam


A Primer on the Diety of Christ
Biblical Inerrancy
Atonement: How Jesus Paid it All
Justification by Faith Alone
Justification: from Jonathan Edwards: A Mini-Theology
History of the Doctrine of Justification
Assurance: How do we Know what we Know?
The Church: The Body of Christ
The Terror of the Lord
Does God Love the Sinner and Only Hate the Sin?
God's Providence: A Two-Edged Sword
Every Man Must Be A Theologian
Theology in Dialogue (excerpt)


Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit (.pdf)
The Active Obedience of Christ
Regeneration: What does it mean to be born again?
God's Providence (.pdf)
The Covenant of Works
Misunderstandings of the Doctrine of Election
The Covenants Between God and Man
Does "Head" Mean "Source" Or "Authority Over" in Greek Literature? 2,336 Examples (.pdf)
Systematic Theology (117-Part MP3 Lecture Series)


The Dick Staub Interview: Os Guinness
No Calling Without a Caller
Calling, Postmodernism, and Chastened Liberals
Differences Make a Difference
Relevance or the Gospel?
Sounding Out the Idols of Church Growth
The Striptease of Humanism


A Short Defense of the Doctrines of Grace (.pdf)
A Short Defense of Presuppositional Apologetics
Dispensationalism Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow
Six Day Creation
Corporate and Individual Election


A Defense of Reformed Liturgy (.pdf)
Gospel-Driven: Good News People in a Bad News World (MP3s)
A New Creation
Pelagianism: Religion of the Natural Man
Reformation Essentials - Five Pillars of the Reformation
Receiving Christ
Christless Christianity
Beyond Style Wars: Recovering the Substance of Worship
The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney
Grace: How Strange the Sound (.pdf)
What Makes Something a Sacrament?
The Indicative and The Imperative - A Reformation View of Sanctification
Eschaton or Escape? Paul's Two Ages Vs. Plato's Two Worlds
Good News for Bad Dads
Whatever Happened to Sin?
Preaching Christ Alone
My Father's World - Christ & Culture
Beyond Culture Wars - A Roundtable Discussion with...
J.I. Packer, James Boice, Richard Halverson, William Pannell &
What's Really at Stake
What Are We Looking for in the Bible? (.pdf)
Re-thinking Baptism (.pdf)
Re-thinking the Lord's Supper (.pdf)
Religion and Politics: A Roundtable Discussion
Transforming Culture with a Messiah Complex
Legal Rather than Evangelical Knowledge
What About Bob? The Meaning of Ministry in the Reformed Tradition
Union With Christ
How the Kingdom Comes
Evangelical Arminians: Option or Oxymoron?
God's Grandchildren: The Biblical Basis for Infant Baptism
Finding A Church (.pdf)
Without Excuse
The Promise-Driven Life (MP3)
A Discussion With Robert Schuller
Christ the Lord
What is an Evangelical?
Solus Christus: Our Only Mediator
Who Saves Whom?
When Your "Testimony" Is Boring
Saved From God
But Is It Relevant?
Our Father In Heaven
Give Us Today Our Daily Bread
Thine Is the Kingdom and Glory Forever
Recovering the Art of Christian Prudence
What is the Reformed Faith? (.pdf)
When The Salt Loses Its Savor
The Covenant Summons: When God Gathers His People in Worship
The Church & Israel
Heaven Came Down: The Mission of Christ
Are We Justified By Faith Alone?
Too Good to Be True (MP3)
Was Geneva a Theocracy?
How Can We Know God?
Your Own Personal Jesus
God Glorified in The Cross of Christ
Why Seminary? The Continuing Importance of an Educated Ministry
Joel Osteen and the Glory Story: A Case Study
Evangelicalism Today: Symposium: Six Evangelicals Assess Their Movement
Become a Better You: Reflections on Joel Osteen's Latest Book (.pdf)
Pastors' and Theologians' Forum on Church and Culture
Christ & Culture: The Illustrative Life of Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920)
How Your Theology Shapes Your Worldview
The Apostle Paul & Oprah Winfrey
Marketing the Church
Calvin On Law and Gospel
Bell's Hell: A Review by Michael Horton
Does the Bible teach that Israel is the same as the church?
Reformed Theology vs. Hyper-Calvinism
A Tale of Two Kingdoms
How flawed can one's knowledge of Jesus Christ be and be sufficient for saving faith?
Review of Jesus Calling
What Still keeps us Apart: Catholics and Evangelicals
The Differences between Rome (infusion) and Geneva (imputation) in Justification
Is Calvin Still Relevant After 500 Years? It all Depends
Christ at the Center
Doesn't God Want Us to be Happy?
A Dying Man's Consolation The Active & Passive Obedience of Christ
Make Your Calling and Election Sure: Predestination and Assurance In Reformation Theology
Do You Hear the Spirit? Revivalism and the Ordinary Means of Grace
Can We Still Believe in the Resurrection?
Should You Pray for God to Save Your Loved Ones?
Freer Than Thou: How Wisdom Avoids Legalism and License
The Theology of Donald Trump
The Law & The Gospel


A Primer on Hypercalvinism
How Charles Finney's Theology Ravaged the Evangelical Movement
Supralapsarianism & Infralapsarianism
God Without Mood Swings Recovering the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility
The Nature of the Atonement Why and For Whom Did Christ Die? (.pdf)
A Defense of the Old Perspective on Paul: What Did St. Paul Really Say?
The History of Heresy (.pdf)
Calvinism on Trial
Teaching Your Children Spiritual Truth


An Evangelical and Reformed Faith
The Growing Seed Mark 4:26-29
The Regulative Principle


Why & What: A Brief Introduction to Christianity
The Futility of Non Christian Thought
Rethinking Milk Buying


In Christ Jesus
The Salvation of God
The Wrath of God
The Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament
The Eternal Decrees of God
Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit - Matthew 5:3
Persecuted for Righteousness' Sake: The Christian and Persecution
The Nature of Sin
The Resurrection - God's Declaration - Acts 5:29-32
Where is Your Faith?
Diligent in Studying the Scriptures
The Irrationality of Unbelief - Acts 5:17-32
Discerming the Times
Can We Learn from History?
Charges Brought Against Preachers of the Gospel of Grace
Chosen In Him - Ephsians 1: 4
Morality without Godliness?
His Workmanship - Ephesians 2:10
God Blessed Forever - Romans 9:4-5
Contrast Between the Christian and the Non-Christian
The Essential Foundation - John 3:1–8
By Grace Through Faith - Ephesians 2:8-9
The Acid Test - Galatians 6:14
The Life of God in the Soul of Man
Mortifying Sin by the Holy Spirit - Romans 8:12-13
Working Out Our Own Salvation - Phil 2:12-13
The Parable of the Prodigal Son - Luke 14:24
He and He Alone - Phil. 1:21
Do You Disapprove of Theological Controversy in the Christian Church?
Life without God - Jeremiah 2:5
Nurture and Admonition - Ephesians 6:4
The Atonement
Effectual Calling & Regeneration (eBook)
The Authority of Scripture
Christian Conduct - Exposition of Romans 12
Peace with God and False Peace: Assurance-Romans 5:1,2
Saving Faith: Romans 10:3 (Part 1)
Saving Faith: Romans 10:3 (Part 2)
Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
Justification - Romans 8:28-30
The Everlasting Covenant
How Was There Salvation During the Old Testament Period?
Ecclesiola Ecclesia
God's Battle, Not Ours - Ephesians 6:10
That One Sin
God or Mammon
A Living Hope Of The Hereafter
Breadth, Length, Depth, Height - Ephesians 3:18-19
The Authority of the Holy Spirit
The Person of the Holy Spirit
Denying Self and Following Christ
Resurrection and Sanctification
The Counsel of His Own Will
The Call to Battle
Faith On Trial: The Problem Stated
The Only Way
Works, Grace and Salvation
The One Mediator
Peace with God and False Peace
Judicial Hardening
Free from the Fear of Judgment
How's Your Prayer Life?
Our Only Boast: the Cross of Christ!


Gospel-Centered Ministry (.pdf)
The Importance of Hell
The Advent of Humility: Jesus is the reason to stop concentrating on ourselves
The Gospel and the Poor
The Acid Test of Being a Christian
The Power of The Gospel - Romans 1:1-7, 14-17
Christ, Our Life - Colossians 3:1-14
Jesus our Defense
Talking About Idolatry in a Postmodern Age
Preaching in a Postmodern City
The Gospel Key to Change
Pastor's Self-Evaluation Questionnaire with David Powlison
A Biblical Theology of the City
Buildings for Community (.pdf)
The Idol Factory
How To Find Your Rival Gods
The Gospel in the 21st Century
All of Life is Repentance
The Gospel in All its Forms: Like God, the gospel is both one and more than that.
A New Kind of Urban Christian As the city goes, so goes the culture.
Moralism Vs, Christ-Centered Exposition
A Biblical Theology of the City
The Centrality of the Gospel
Prayer and the Gospel
Pluralism as a Religious Philosophy
Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs
Evangelism Through Networking
Evangelistic Worship
Gnostics & Jesus
How Can I know God?
Ministry in the New Global Culture of Major City-Centers
The Missional Church
Preaching Hell in a Tolerant Age
Preaching Morality in an Amoral Age
Questions on Everyone's Mind
Religionless Spirituality
What Does it Mean to Know God?
Why Plant Churches?
Worship Worthy of the Name 
Preaching Amid Pluralism
Active Contextualization
The Gospel and Your Self
New City Catechism (2012)
A 20 Day Study in Stewardship
What is Common Grace?
Ministry Can Be Dangerous to Your Spiritual Health
Kingdom-Centered Prayer
Hope for the City - Acts 8:1-8
Why God Made Cities
Spiritual Friendship
Vocation: Discerning Your Calling
Hope for Your Work
Changing the World through the Lord's Supper
Preaching in a Secular Culture
Life in the Upside-Down Kingdom
The Issue of “Holy War”
Embracing the Outsider
Tim Keller's Guide to Vibrant Blogging
Old Testament Law and The Charge of Inconsistency
3 Objections to the Doctrine of Election
Religion and the Gospel (chart)


Answering Objections to the Covenant of Works
Covenant Theology Under Attack
Because It Had Not Rained
By My Spirit , Part 2, Part 3
Evangel of the Messianic Angel ,
Part 2
How Long? (Part 1)
How Long? (Part 2)
Messianic Avenger
The Exaltation of Christ
The Rider of the Red Horse (Part 1)
The Rider of the Red Horse (Part 2)
The Servant & The Serpent (Part 1)
The Servant & The Serpent (Part 2)
Comments on the A. A. Hodge One-Covenant Construction of the Redemptive Order
Two Adams Two Covenants of Works
What is a Covenant?

Handouts based on Kline's Lectures
Kline's Grid (PDF 1 p.)
Kline's Covenant Theology (PDF 1 p.)
A Glossary of Klinean Terminology
Kline's Covenantal Analysis of the Law
The Use of the Treaty Format in the Mosaic Covenant (PDF)
Christ and Culture: Four Views (PDF)


The Sufficiency of the Written Word
Why We Believe While Others Reject the Gospel
(MP3 Version here)
Is the Doctrine of Election Unfair?
Salvation: A Sovereign Work of God
Twin Truths: God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility
Does the Doctrine of Divine Decree Eliminate Human Will?
The Deadly Dangers of Moralism
Can God Bless America
We Will Not Bow
A 15-Year Retrospective on the Lordship Controversy
Chosen by God Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - (1 Peter 1:1-2)
The Sovereignty of God in Salvation
He Saved Us
Who Chose Whom?
The Infallible, Effectual, Electing Grace of God
The Five Points of Calvinism Defined, Defended and Documented (Forward)
Why Aren't Christian Leaders More Discerning?
Ten Crucial Lessons We Must Teach our Children
Is Roman Catholicism Biblical?
Preaching the Gospel to a Culture Consumed with Self-Love
Making a Case for the Bible
Pray For Those Who Persecute You
The Gospel and Politics
Was Jesus Polite to False Teachers
A Reminder to Shepherds
Personal Evangelism 101: Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Tolerant Intolerance


The Practical Implications of Calvinism (eBook)
What is the Gospel?
Carnal Christian?
A Bad Record and a Bad Heart (.pdf)
What is a Biblical Christian?
Particular Redemption (MP3 Series)
Reasons Why Some Will Not Come to Christ


The Mystery of Marriage (.pdf)
The Pastor as Theologian (.pdf)
Why Doctrine Matters
Worship According to the Word
The Wrath of God Was Satisfied
Moralism is Not the Gospel (But Many Christians Think it Is)
The Authority of Scripture and the Gift of Salvation
Do You Have A Theology of Preaching?
How to Abandon Historic Christianity in Ten Easy Lessons
No Truth Without Love, No Love Without Truth: The Church's Great Challenge
The Goodness of God and the Reality of Evil
Is the Megachurch the New Liberalism?
The Ugly American — Sex Trafficking and Our National Humiliation
False Start? The Controversy Over Adam and Eve Heats Up
Why Conservative Churches Are Growing: David Brooks and the Limits of Sociology
“A Massive Shift Coming in What it Means to Be a Christian?” — TIME Magazine Considers Rob Bell
Rethinking the Gospel?
We Have Seen All This Before: Rob Bell and the (Re)Emergence of Liberal Theology
Doing Away with Hell? Part One, Part Two
Intellectual Discipleship — Following Christ with Our Minds
The Knowledge of the Self-Revealing God: Starting Point for the Christian Worldview
The Christian Worldview as Master Narrative: Creation
The Christian Worldview as Master Narrative: Sin and its Consequences
The Christian Worldview as Master Narrative: The End that is a Beginning
The Christian Worldview as Master Narrative: Redemption Accomplished
The Inerrancy of Scripture: The Fifty Years’ War . . . and Counting
Preachers Who Don’t Believe — The Scandal of Apostate Pastors
Vanishing Christianity — A Lesson from the Presbyterians
The Shack — The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment
Air Conditioning Hell: How Liberalism Happens
Does God Hate Haiti?
It Promises Far Too Little — The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology
Biblical Pattern of Male Leadership Limits Pastorate to Men
Does God Give Bad Advice? The ‘Open’ View of God Stakes its Ground
The Salvation of the ‘Little Ones’: Do Infants who Die Go to Heaven?
Keeping The Faith In a Faithless Age: The Church As The Moral Minority
Do Jews Really Need Christ? Controversy over Jewish Evangelism
Two Rival Religions?
Can a Christian Deny the Virgin Birth?
Must One Believe in the Resurrection to be a Christian?
The Theology of Wishful Thinking
Must Christianity Surrender its Truth Claims?
How Should Evangelicals View Roman Catholicism?
Bad Theology Watch — Tony Campolo Denies God’s Omnipotence?
Behind a Frowning Providence — The Christian’s Confidence in the Face of Sorrow
Machen on Christianity as a Way of Life ‘Founded Upon a Doctrine’
Why the Doctrine of Creation Matters — Robert L. Reymond
It Takes One to Know One–Liberalism as Atheism
Homosexuality in Theological Perspective, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
Why Do We Preach? A Foundation for Christian Preaching, Part One, Part Two, Part Three
A Christian Vision of Beauty, Part One, Part Two, Part Three
"Transforming Culture: Christian Truth Confronts Post-Christian America"
"Ministry is Stranger Than it Used to Be: The Challenge of Postmodernism"
"The Urgency of Preaching"
"Keeping The Faith In a Faithless Age: The Church As The Moral Minority"
"The Compassion of Truth: Homosexuality in Biblical Perspective"
"The Scandal of the Empty Tomb: The Glory of the Resurrection"
"Consider Your Calling: The Call to the Ministry"
The Scandal of Biblical Illiteracy: It’s Our Problem
The Osteen Predicament — Mere Happiness Cannot Bear the Weight of the Gospel
Does Joel Osteen Not Know, or Does He Not Care?
Everything That is Solid Melts Into Air — The New Secular Worldview
Relativity, Moral Relativism, and the Modern Age


Will the Unholy Be Saved?
Charles G. Finney: How Theology Affects Understanding of Revival
The Puritan Hope
The Puritans and Revival Christianity
On Whitefield and Wesley
Spiritual Characteristics of the First Christian Society in America
The Puritans and Revival Christianity
Thomas Hooker And The Doctrine Of Conversion .pdf
Extracts and Anecdotes on Unity Among Christians
Problems of Rerfomed Eldership


Adamic Administration
Arminianism in the Pilgrimage of the Soul
Arminianism and the Atonement

Attestation of Scripture
The Nature of the Atonement
Calvin on the Sovereignty of God
Calvin, Dordt and Westminster on Predestination
Christ Himself in the Assemblies of His People
Co-operation in Evangelism
Covenant of Grace
Definitive Sanctification (.pdf)
From Faith to Faith
Irresistable Grace
Law and Grace
The Crux of the Reformation (.pdf)
The Death of Christ
The Fear of God
The Fourth Commandment
The Heavenly Priestly Activity of Christ
The Order of Application
The Reformed Faith and Arminianism
The Sanctity of Truth
The Atonement
The Sovereignty of God
The Sabbath (.pdf)
The Weak and the Strong
Tradition: Romish and Protestant
Why We Baptize Infants


God of the Possible?
Polemical Theology
God Glorified in Conversion
How to Deal with Those Who Differ from Us (.pdf)
Sanctification: Growing Toward God
The Canon Of The New Testament
New Testament Use of the Old Testament
Covenant, Universal Call and Definite Atonement
God of the Possible?
Prayer: A Prelude to Revival (.pdf)
Unbounded Love or Unbounded License?
Induction and Deduction with Reference to Inspiration
Justification by Faith Alone
Christ our Righteousness


Attributes of God (MP3 Series)
English Puritan Theology (8-Part MP3 Series)
Intro to The Death of Death (.eBook)
Should the average Christian care about theology?
Divine Sovereignty and Evangelism
Hermeneutics and Biblical Authority
Our Lord's Understanding of the Law of God
The Fall
Predestination - God has a purpose
On Covenant Theology
Definite Redemption
Evangelism & The Sovereignty Of God
Incarnation GOD SENT HIS SON
Justification is by Grace Through Faith
Self-existence - God has Always Been
Marks of Revival
Packer on Ryle
The Lord's Supper
The Puritan Approach to Worship
Sola Fide: The Reformed Doctrine Of Justification
Freedom And Authority
“The Adequacy of Human Language”
Why We Need the Puritans
Situation Ethics
Salvation: Jesus Rescues His People From Sin
The Plan of God
More from J. I. Packer ...


Studies on Saving Faith
The Attributes of God
The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
An Exposition of Hebrews
Exposition of the Gospel of John
The Doctrine of Man's Impotence
The Doctrine of Election
The Doctrine of Sanctification
The Life of David, Volumes I & III
The Total Depravity of Man
A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism
The Sovereignty of God
The Doctrine of the New Birth
 Regeneration, or the New Birth
The Doctrine of Reconciliation
Fourfold Salvation
Gleanings in Genesis
Gleanings in Exodus
Gleaning in Joshua New!
 Gleanings from Paul: A Study of the Prayers of the Apostle
The Atoning Sacrifice of Christ
The Divine Inspiration of the Bible
The Lord's Prayer
Divine Covenants
Profiting from the Word
Why Four Gospels?
An Exposition of the First Epistle of John


Why I Do Not Say:"God Did Not Cause the Calamity but He Can Use It For Good"
What God Requires, Christ Provides
Justified to Break the Power of Sin
Two Wills in God? Divine Election and God's Desire for All to be Saved
The Marks of a Spiritual Leader
What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism
Quest for Joy Six Biblical Truths
Sustained By Sovereign Grace--Forever
Sovereignty of God and Prayer
The Suffering of Christ and the Sovereignty of God
My Anguish: My Kinsmen Are Accursed Romans 9:1-5
Ten Aspects of God's Sovereignty Over Suffering and Satan's Hand in It
God Does Not Repent Like a Man
What Happens When You Die? Glorified and Free on the New Earth
A Divine And Supernatural Light Immediately Imparted to the Soul
That Which Is Born of the Spirit Is Spirit
By What Death Will You Glorify God?
Battling The Unbelief Of Anxiety
Getting To The Bottom Of Your Joy
If My Words Abide In You
Pray Like This: Hallowed Be Your Name
The Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission
A Generation Passionate for God’s Holiness
How Few There Are Who Die So Hard! (Biography of Adoniram Judson)
Boasting Only in the Cross (From OneDay 2000)
Preaching Through Adversity (Biography of Charles Spurgeon)
Job: When the Righteous Suffer : (2008 Fall Regional Conference)
Doing Missions When Dying is Gain
Be Killing Sin or It will be Killing You
Persuading, Pleading, and Predestination: Human Means in the Miracle of Conversion
God Is Most Glorified in Us When We Are Most Satisfied in Him
Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain
The Pleasures of God : (Five-session seminar on God’s Delight in being God)
John Piper's Biographical Messages
What Is Calvinism?


2 Thessalonians 1 Supports Amillennialism
Christ the Only Savior of Interpretation
Divine Meaning of Scripture
Gender and Generic Pronouns in English Bible Translation
God's Lordship in Interpretation
How I Helped My Boys to Become Christian Men
Indifferentism and Rigorism in the Church: With Implications for Baptizing Small Children
Inerrancy and Worldview (.pdf)
In the Beginning was the Word (.pdf)
Johannine Authorship and the Use of Intersentence Conjunctions in the Book of Revelation
Linking Small Children with Infants in the Theology of Baptizing
Modern Spiritual Gifts as Analagous to Apostolic Gifts: Affirming Extraordinary Works of the Spirit within Cessationist Theology
God-Centerered Biblical Interpretation (HTML)
Political Correctness and Bible Translation: A Preliminary Response to Ellis W. Deibler
Presbyterianism and Dispensationalism
Redeeming Sociology (.pdf)
Reversing the Fall and Setting Creation Free
Redeeming Science (.pdf)
Small Changes in Meaning Can Matter: The Unacceptability of the TNIV
The Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy (pdf)
The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation (.pdf)
Science and Hermeneutics (HTML)
The History of Salvation (.pdf)
The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses (.pdf)
Symphonic Theology(HTML)
TNIV's Altered Meanings: An Evaluation of the TNIV
Truth and Fullness of Meaning: Fullness versus Reductionistic Semantics in Bible Interpretation
Understanding Dispensationalism (HTML)
What are Spiritual Gifts? (.pdf)
Why Scientists Must Believe in God: Divine Attributes of Scientific Law


The Sovereignty of God in Providence
The Doctrine of Total Depravity Part I, Part II
The Doctrine of Election
God's Part and Man's Part in Salvation
The Chain of Grace
Our Sovereign God
Three Ways of Assurance
There Are Only Two Religions in the World
What is the Gospel?


Five Arguments for the Unity of the Covenant of Grace
The "Very Pernicious and Detestable" Doctrine of Inclusivism (.pdf)
Who Really Owns the Holy Land? (.pdf)
The Character of the Crosswork of Jesus Christ
The Justification of Theology as an Intellectual Discipline
Ten Lines of Evidence for Particular Redemption
The "All" Passages
Roman Catholicism's Recent Claim That it is the True Church
Why Does Rome Teach What It Does About Justification and Salvation?
Two Reasons I Could Never be a Muslim
Highly Questionable Methods
The Justification of Knowledge: An Introductory Study in Christian Apologetic Methodology (eBook)
Union with Christ
Jesus’ Preexistence in the Gospel of John
Covenant Theology vs. Dispensationalism
The Bible's Necessity


A Commentary on the Belgic Confession
A Reformed Approach to Evangelism
A Present or Future Millennium?
Jesus Christ the True Israel
Jesus the True Temple
God Glorified in Sacntification
Reformed Confessionalism & The New Perspective on Paul (.pdf)
Fire and Water: Why Calvinism and Arminianism Simply Don't Mix (.pdf)
Grace Alone: An Evangelical Problem?
No Ordinary Death: Jesus Christ, The Propitiation For Our Sins (.pdf)
The Church of the Highest Common Denominator
Thy Kingdom Come
The Triple Cure (.pdf)
There Have to be Divisions Amoung Us (.pdf)
Fathers Instruct Your Children (.pdf)
Some Dos and Some Dont's of Evangelism
What is Faith?
Biblical Conversion & the Modern Church
The Church of the Highest Common Denominator
Jesus Christ: The Sum and Substance of Biblical Prophecy
Basics of the Reformed Faith (eBook)


Corporate and Individual Election in Rom 9 (.pdf)
Does Scripture Teach Prevenient Grace in the Wesleyan Sense? (.pdf)
Does Regeneration Necessarily Precede Conversion?
Evangelism and God's Power (.pdf)
Interpreting the Pauline Epistles (.pdf)
Preaching and Biblical Theology (.pdf)
The Foolishness of the Cross (.pdf)
Sovereignty, Suffering and Open Theism (.pdf)
On 2 Peter 3:9
Justification by Works and Sola Fide
'Works of Law' in Paul
The Abolition and Fulfillment of the Law in Paul
The Fulfillment of the Law
Preaching and Biblical Theology
Is Perfect Obedience to the Law Possible? A Re-examination of Galatians 3:10
‘Don’t fall away’: Schreiner discusses the biblical theology of Hebrews


Adam's Fall and Mine
The Will of God

Dead Men Walking
"Double" Predestination
Human Depravity
The Pelagian Captivity of the Church
“Hath God Said?”: Is The Bible Trustworthy For All of Life?
“Can We Trust the Bible?”: The Bible is Full of Myths and Contradictions. It’s just a Fairy Tale
Regeneration Precedes Faith
The New Genesis
The Providence of God
What Happens To The Person Who Never Heard of Jesus?
Free Will
On Free Will
Sola Scriptura: Crucial to Evangelicalism
The Threefold Use of the Law
The Threefold Office of Christ
Why Did God Save Me?
Our Lord
Do Our Prayers Change God’s Mind?
Jonathan Edwards: We Are Inclined to Sin
Objection: "All Religions Are Good. It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe"
Who is Jesus?
The Fruit of the Spirit
Double Imputation
Hermeneutical Principles
Practical Guidelines for Biblical Interpretation
What is Predestination?


The Cultural Case against Creeds and Confessions
The Marcions have landed! A Warning for Evangelicals
Tragic Worship
The Cross, Suffering and Assurance: Fundamental Insights from the Reformation (.pdf)
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
Pornography: The New Normal
Cigar Smoke and Mirrors and Transformation
What if Life Was Complex?
Mark Driscoll’s Problems, and Ours: the crisis of leadership in American Evangelicalism
How Do You Pastor People Engaged in Serious Repeated Sin?
A Man More Sinned Against than Sinning?
Reckoning With The Past in an Anti-Historical Age
Christianity, Liberalism and the New Evangelicalism
A Good Creed Seldom Goes Unpunished
Christianity, Liberalism and the New Evangelicalism
Review of Roger Olsen's "Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities"
The New Atheism
Old Opium Meets the New
Look, It's Rubbish
Is Hurt Mail the New Hate Mail
The Nameless One: On the YRR Movement
The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind
Life on the Cultic Fringe: Does Christianity Risk Becoming a Cult by Rejecting Evolution?
Doubting on Your Part Does Not Constitute a Crisis of Faith on Mine
A Church for Exiles

Historical Is Not Enough
A Tale of Two Marxisms
Remembering the Reformation but Celebrating What?


My Creedo
Why I Believe in God
Reformed Epistemology
The Defense of Christianity
The Sovereignty of Grace
The Ten Commandments
The Protestant Doctrine Of Scripture

Cornelius Van Til Articles F rom 1920 – 1939
Cornelius Van Til Articles from 1940 – 1949
Cornelius Van Til Articles from 1950 – 1959


Evaluating the New Perspective On Paul
The Binding of Satan
Evaluating Premillennialism
Israel and the Church
Getting the Gospel Right


Come to Me: An Urgent Invitation to Turn to Christ
The Moral Basis of Faith
What Shall We Pray For? (.pdf)
God's Fatherhood and Prayer (.pdf)


Ephesians 1; Romans 9; John 6
The Reformation Isn’t Over
Vessels Prepared for Destruction
Was Anyone Saved at the Cross?
Response to Matthew Vines 40 Questions
The Divine Sovereignty/Human Responsibility Debate
James R. White and George Bryson
The Believer's Security
The Sovereign God, the Grace of Christ, and Sinful Man
Dave Hunt vs. Charles Haddon Spurgeon
The Bankruptcy of Islamic Apologetics
Sola Scriptura in Dialogue
Does The Bible Teach Sola Scriptura?
Blinded By Tradition
Purpose and Meaning of "Ego Eimi" in the Gospel of John In Reference to the Deity of Christ
Hebrews and the Atonement of Christ
Molinism in a Nutshell: God Makes Do the Best He Can
Understanding Hebrews 6
God-Breathed; Breathed Out By God; theopneustos

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