Lesson Notes on Leviticus

by William Barrick
Professor at Master's Seminary

Introduction to the Book of Leviticus - includes short list of recommended commentaries

Leviticus 1-7: The Sacrifices

Leviticus 8-10: The Priesthood
Leviticus 10:1-3: A Pair of Very Strange Beasts

Leviticus 11-15: Laws of Purification

Leviticus 16: The Day of Atonement

A Brief Examination of the Christian and the Law of Moses

Leviticus 17: The Sanctity of Blood

Leviticus 18-20: The Sanctity of Marriage

Leviticus 21-22: The Sanctity of the Priesthood

Leviticus 23: The Sanctity of Time/Calendar

Calendar for Leviticus 23

Leviticus 24: The Sanctity of the Tabernacle and the Divine Name

Leviticus 25: Further Applications of the Sabbatical Principle

Leviticus 26-27: Blessings & Curses and Vows & Promises
Leviticus 26 Its Relationship to Covenant Contexts and Concepts

Leviticus 26 The Eschatological Significance of Leviticus 26
Leviticus 26 Inter-covenantal Truth and Relevance: Leviticus 26 and the Biblical Covenants