A Survey of Church History (MP3 Series) by Brian Borgman

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Introduction and Background (Part 1)

Introduction and Background (Part 2)

The Apostolic Church (Part 1)

The Apostolic Church (Part 2)

The Apostolic Church (Part 3)

The Apostolic Church (Part 4)

The Apostolic Church (Part 5) Lives of the Apostles

The Apostolic Fathers

Gnosticism, Catholicism and Montanism (Pt 1)

Gnosticism, Catholicism and Montanism, Pt 2

Alexandria & Carthage

Constantine and The New State Church

Arianism and Nicaea (Pt 1)

Arianism & Nicaea (Pt 2)

Athanasius and The Athanasian Creed

The Development of the New Testament Canon (Pt 1)

The Development of the New Testament Canon (Pt 2)

Chrysostom & Jerome

Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (Pt 1)

Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (Pt 2)

The Pelagian Controversy

The Rise of the Papacy & The Fall of the Empire

Celtic Christianity

The Rise of Islam

Charlemagne & The Holy Roman Empire

The Crusades

The Great Schism

Top Ten Medieval Action Figures

The Lives and Ministries of John and Charles Wesley

Jonathan Edwards

The Second Great Awakening (Pt 1)

The Second Great Awakening (Pt 2)

William Carey: The Father of Modern Missions

Adoniram Judson: The Apostle to Burma

Charles H. Spurgeon: The Prince of Preachers

The Church in the Early 19th Century

The Origins of Dispensationalism

The Spread & Influence of Dispensationalism

The Teaching of Dispensationalism

Pentecostalism, Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism

Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Billy Graham: The Preacher and The Evangelist

The Church in the Late 20th Century

Borgman's Recommended Books

Sketches from Church History by S. M. Houghton

2000 Years of Christ's Power Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3