Paul Washer's Top 15 Sermons (MP3s)

Mon, 02/27/2012 - 04:53 -- admin

paulwasher2.jpgThese sermons were Washer's top 15 sermons in terms of the sheer number of downloads. The following sermons are in MP3 format. To download, right click and save to your hard drive.

1. Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers, So Shocking the Preacher Was Never Invited Back by Paul Washer

2. Examine Yourself by Paul Washer

3. What It Takes to Be a Man by Paul Washer

4. Way of the Master Radio Contrasts Joel Osteen's Message with Paul Washer's

5. You Are Dearly Loved By God (A Message Real Christians Don't Hear Enough) by Paul Washer

6. 10 Indictments Against the Modern Church in America by Paul Washer

7. I am Not Ashamed of the Scandal by Paul Washer

8. The Christian Husband by Paul Washer

9. The Gift Nobody Wants by Paul Washer

10. Regeneration & Self-Denial (You Can't Understand the Later Unless You Understand the Former) by Paul Washer

11. The True Gospel - (VCY America Rally for Youth) by Paul Washer

12. Pray and Be Alone with God by Paul Washer

13. The Greatest Text in the Bible by Paul Washer

14. El Evangelio verdadero (1 of 19, Peru 2007 Spanish Messages) by Paul Washer

15. Saving Yourself from Sexual Sin (Interview) by Paul Washer

HT: Reg Barrow